Alex Bregman

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Alex Bregman Is Going To Walk You Off

Text freaking book. Astros win. Drive home safely.

July 11, 2018 - 11:06 am

My name is Jim Rome. And Alex Bregman is going to walk you off. Those are facts. Neither one is more true than other because neither one can be debated. There is no other side. There is no other argument. My birth certificate and driver’s license say James Phillip Rome. And if Alex Bregman is batting in the bottom of the 9th or the bottom on an extra inning—he’s going to walk you the hell off. 

And last night in H-Town, Bregman officially retired the old Ben Franklin line about death and taxes being the only certainty in this world. Because death and taxes have nothing on this kid from the ABQ.

Tied 5-5 in the bottom of the 11th—Bregman went to the dish for what can only be described as a formality at this point. Because—again—it’s Alex Bregman in walk-off situation. And those only end in one way. It’s just this time—it ended in the most bizarre way possible. 

With runners on first and second and only one out—Oakland A’s All-Star closer Blake Treinen made the biggest mistake of his career—and decided to pitch to Bregman. Sure, every skipper’s handbook in the history of the game dictates you pitch to any hitter in that exact situation—but Bregman isn’t any hitter. Bregman is a lock to walk you the hell off. And he did. (INSERT)

That’s a choked up, defensive, swinging bunt that traveled maybe five feet out in front of the plate. A ball that spun foul up the first base line with so much English on it that it turned back fair, before Oakland A’s catcher, Jonathan Lucroy, picked it up, went to tag Bregman, missed, dropped the ball, clanked it off the umpire, scooped it up for a second time, and then threw down to first, missed, hit Bregman in the back of the helmet and allowed Kyle Tucker to score the winning run all the way from second base.

Text freaking book. Astros win. Drive home safely. 

If you think that was weird as hell—which it was—consider that Bregman walked off the Padres earlier this year with this glorious 20 foot infield pop-up.

One word: Clutch. 

That was three months ago. And last night Bregman notched his major league leading fifth walk-off of the year. Dude has more walk-offs this year than Cole Hamels, Noah Syndergaard, and Clayton Kershaw have wins.

And the walk-off last night was so damn freaky that it’s burying the fact that Bregman also jumped shipped twice in yesterday’s game. 

The kid’s on another level. His mug is looking clean since taking down the stache mid-game. He’s straight raking. And he’s lock to get mobbed by his squad if he’s at the dish with the all the chips in the middle.

And if you're Jon Lucroy--no sense in kicking yourself for kicking the ball. The second that rock rolled back fair it was over. Doesn't matter that that play gets made a million times out of a million times. It was never getting made on Bregman. 

Because the newest sabermetric in baseball is this:

Walk Alex Bregman--or he's gonna walk you the hell off.