Alex Cora Out In Boston

The old “mutually agreed to part ways.”

Jim Rome
January 15, 2020 - 9:22 am
Alex Cora

USA Today


If you were waiting for another shoe to drop in the MLB cheating scandal, it fell last night. The Boston Red Sox and Alex Cora released a statement that read in part “Today we met to discuss the Commissioner’s report related to the Houston Astros investigation. Given the findings and the Commissioner’s ruling, we collectively decided that it would not be possible for Alex to effectively lead the club going forward and we mutually agreed to part ways.”

Ah, the old “mutually agreed to part ways.” A conscious uncoupling. A mutual decision. Sure it’s not. That’s the Red Sox getting out in front of it and getting rid of Cora before MLB made it impossible to keep him. 

It’s smart. Rip off the Band-Aid before MLB made them do it. 

Once MLB’s report came out detailing what went down with the Astros and that report put a ton of blame at the feet of Cora, and then AJ Hinch was suspended a year for his role, you knew that Cora was going to get hit even harder. 

Because, as commissioner Rob Manfred wrote: “Cora was involved in developing both the banging scheme and utilizing the replay review room to decode and transmit signs. Cora participated in both schemes, and through his active participation, implicitly condoned the players’ conduct. I will withhold determining the appropriate level of discipline for Cora until after the [Department of Investigations] completes its investigation of the allegations that the Red Sox engaged in impermissible electronic sign stealing in 2018 while Cora was the manager.”

You can start connecting the dots. Alex Cora developed the “banging scheme” and the replay review room decoding project in Houston in 2017. And then was under a separate investigation for what happened in Boston in 2018.

If AJ Hinch got a year for not participating, what is Cora going to get for being the organizer and a participant? And if the Astros fired Hinch for what he did, there’s no way the Red Sox could stand by Cora after what he did. 

The question isn’t would Cora be suspended, but for how long? And if a big part of Houston’s punishment was because they continued doing it after they were warned, if Cora did it in Houston and then did it in Boston, how many years is he looking at? 

And let me step in right now to say this – I like Alex Cora. I really enjoyed having him on the show. He was a great interview. Smart as hell. But, apparently, cheating like hell too. 

What a freaking trajectory: bench coach on World Series winner in 2017. Winning the World Series in 2018 in his first season as a manager. And getting canned in January 2020. Two World Series winning managers out of jobs in a matter of 24 hours. 

And for Cora, in his first season, he had 108 wins in the regular season and 11-3 in the postseason. They steamrolled everyone. And apparently were cheating along the way.

And again, how is Carlos Beltran, new Mets manager, who was actively involved in this as an Astros player, currently skating? 

And as with the Astros, there are people in the game with receipts. Like current Met and former Blue Jay Marcus Stroman. You see last season, Stroman had quick pitched in a game against the Red Sox and Cora didn’t like it, saying “It’s the same thing with him every day. He competes a certain way and people don’t like it.”

Stroman tweeted yesterday: This man had the audacity to say that I compete a certain way and people don’t like it. Very comical in hindsight. Lol

He’s right. It IS comical. Rich as hell, really. And it is the kind of thing you’re probably going to hear a lot of in the wake of this scandal. And it’s going to stick to him and them forever. That’s why it’s equally laughable when Astros owner Jim Crane says this doesn’t taint the world championship they won. The hell it doesn’t. Just be glad they’re letting you keep that title, Jimbo: but don’t think for a second that people won’t see it as tainted: and remind you of such every chance they get. Because they will. 

And to those who want to defend the Astros and the Sox by saying everyone is doing it. I don’t know that everyone is doing it. But I’ pretty certain the Astros and the Red Sox aren’t the ONLY ones doing it.

That said… let’s get to something else in this conversation...And that is some of your moronic, half-baked, and just flat out idiotic takes on this topic. You know how they say that there’s no such thing as a bad idea? That’s wrong. Because just about every “suggestion” or “outside the box” solution to this problem is a terrible idea. 

Here’s what’s not going to happen. Barring something dramatic, the Astros aren’t going to be stripped of their title. And there isn’t going to be some other punishment that involves Astros and Red Sox opponents getting extra outs or more at-bats or whatever other scheme you have in mind.

And here’s the other thing that’s probably true – I’m guessing some of you are kind of bent right now at the Astros and the Red Sox. You might be a Dodger fan who feels like you got jobbed in the World Series not once, but twice. I get that you’d be really angry about that. But you’re not getting a World Series trophy. And if you did, would it really make you feel any better? It certainly wouldn’t feel like actually winning it.  

And here’s the other group I’m talking to – Astros fans and Red Sox fans and fans of any other team that gets caught up in this. I get that you might be bitter that your team let you down. But here’s what not going to happen – you’re not going to quit the sport or quit your favorite team. You might think that right now, but give it a few months, or a few days. Or a few hours. Or a few minutes, and you’ll forget about this.

The guys who try to organize a “fan strike” when there’s a lockout or a player strike can’t believe what an utterly ridiculous thing it is to say that you’re stopping following your team cold turkey over this. I’m not interested in videos of you burning your old Nolan Ryan or Dwight Evans jerseys. It’s not happening,

I don’t doubt that you’re pissed right now, but save the calls about how you’ve been a fan of the team for decades and now you’re never going to watch another game again because they were cheating. If you didn’t leave after guys were roiding up to their eyeballs, you’re not leaving now. 

If you want to have a serious conversation about this, we can. If you want to spitball some wacky ideas that will make this right, or lie about how you’ll never support your favorite team ever again and are swearing off the entire sport once and for all,  take that somewhere else. Because it’s bullcrap. And you’re not doing. Go ahead and lie to yourself; just lie to me; and the rest of the jungle.