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All Hail King Jo

My advice to DeAndre Ayton – don’t respond to Joel Embiid.

June 22, 2018 - 9:44 am

The NBA draft doesn’t get the buildup or the buzz that the NFL draft does, but that doesn’t mean it’s not one hell of a show. Because it is. Even though it was obvious that DeAndre Ayton would go number one to Phoenix, there was still plenty of suspense.

Where would Luka Doncic go? How many teams would regret passing on the youngest euroleague MVP ever? Would teams be scared off by Michael Porter Jr.’s health? Would teams be scared off by Trae Young’s suit? And was there any chance that Kawhi would be dealt?

We got answers to all those questions, but really, last night was a coronation of not one, but two kings. And neither of them drafted. 

And the first King picked up his crown fairly early in the night. That ruler’s name? Joel Hans Embiid. All hail King Jo. Because this is a guy who not only dominates on the court, he dominates when he isn’t even near a court. 

I’m not sure if he planned on tweeting during the draft, but I’m glad he did, because when comparisons were made between DeAndre Ayton and Joel Embiid, tweets were fired back. Starting with:

Keep my name out of this lol

And then he chased that with:

Don’t compare Ayton to me either... I play DEFENSE.

He’s already talking junk about a guy who hasn’t even played a second of summer league, let alone an actual NBA game. And I couldn’t love it more. You know who else loved it? Draymond Green, who tweeted:

With six crown and five laughing emoji’s. You know you’ve killing social  when Draymond enjoys your smack. And this is the thing about Joel Embiid. He can steal the show any damn time he wants to steal the show. And while I know he hates wearing his protective mask, I love the image of him blasting out those tweets with that mask on his head. 

That’s how good he is at twitter. He’s as good at twitter as he is at basketball and he’s one of the most gifted basketball players to ever step on a court. He’s so good at twitter, that his tweets about the World Cup almost have me watching the World Cup. Almost. 

My advice to DeAndre Ayton – don’t respond to Joel Embiid. Certainly not on Twitter. Just go out and do your thing. Because Twitter is Jo’s thing and you not getting over on  him there. Nobody wis.

The only guy who can match Jo’s Twitter game is one Adrian Wojnarowski. The report before the draft was that Woj and other reporters were told not to report the picks before they happened so as to not jerk with the TV broadcast of the draft. Which was too bad, because in previous years, the best part of the draft was always Woj tweeting the picks before they were made. And doing it so quickly, it wouldn’t surprise me if he knew who a team was taking before the team knew who they were taking. The NBA Draft was his night and nobody could beat him or stop him. 

But that was off for last night. He was not going to tweet out that Team X was going to draft Player Y. And he didn’t. He didn’t report any picks. He just said that teams were “enamored” or “tantalized” or “targeting” certain players. And what do you know – they took those guys. 

At a certain point, the drama was less about which team was drafting which player from which school and more about which word Woj was drafting from his thesaurus. The combo of Woj and Roget had a huge night. They were absolutely unstoppable in the two-man game – explosive, dynamic, and unpredictable. If a team wasn’t tantalized by a player, they were “fixated,” “locked in,” or “focused on.” 

He reported that Portland “has a laser on Anfernee Simons,” and whoa, they drafted him. But nothing will top this masterpiece “Source: Utah Jazz have no plans to pass on Grayson Allen with the 21st pick.”

He didn’t say they were going to draft him, he just say they had no plans to pass on him. Very well played. Very well played. Perfection. And yet again, the NBA draft belonged to Woj. I mean, sure, there were no blockbuster deals. And the Spurs didn’t move Kawhi Leonard.  But it really didn’t matter. Not as long as Woj and Jo Embiid were there. The NBA draft will never be the NFL draft but as long as Woj and Jo show up for it every single year, the Assn. Will be just fine. Can’t wait to see the Woj rule they enact next year to skirt this issue. Whatever it is, it won’t work. They’re playing checkers, he’s playing chess and he’ll always be one step ahead.