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Alliance of American Football’s Debut

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February 11, 2019 - 9:39 am

I get asked all the time who my favorite team is. And the answer is always: I’m paid not to root. That’s my job. I don’t root not for any team. Or any player. Just for something to talk about. My favorite team is, always has been and always will be TEAM CONTENT. Whatever is best for the show and creates the best content, I root for that. That’s my favorite team. But that doesn’t stop the questions from coming. And they’ve started again now that the Alliance of American Football season has kicked off.

Everywhere I go, I’m hearing it – hey, Rome, who’s your favorite team? Are you a Birmingham Iron guy? Do you pull for the Arizona Hotshots or are you going hashtag All Hands on Deck with the San Diego Fleet?

And my answer is this: I’m not a Hotshots guy. Or a Memphis Express guy. Or an Orlando Apollos guy. I’m an Alliance guy. I am all-in on the Alliance. Because it is awesome. Steve Spurrier. Mike Singletary. Mike Riley. Dennis Erickson. Are you kidding me? And that’s just a few of the coaches. That’s some serious juice.

But they aren’t just rolling out a bunch of legends and expecting everyone to tune in. They are pushing the envelope in a bunch of areas, looking to innovate, like having the microphones open during a replay review.

That is awesome. I’ve never been more locked in on a replay that I was on that one. Seriously, that is cool.

But it’s not just about open mics. And this isn’t just about saying that any football is good football, because it’s not. Just ask the Pro Bowl. But Alliance football is not Pro Bowl football. Far from it. And if you didn’t know that before, you will in a second.

Just ask San Diego Fleet quarterback Mike Bercovici about that. Roll it.

Holy crap. Do that in the NFL and you are banned for life. Do that in the street and you’re looking at 20 years to life. That is an insane hit. Never mind dude’s bonnet popping off, I’m shocked his head wasn’t still in it.

And how can you not like Arizona Hotshots coach Rick Neuheisel leading the post-game victory celebration in the locker room.

I’m not going to get into the television ratings, because there is nothing more boring that talking about or tweeting about television ratings, but let me just say this: the Alliance did itself proud. That was a damn strong start for the league this weekend. If you tuned in, you saw some good action. And if you didn’t tune in, I suggest you start in Week 2.

How good was the weekend for the Alliance? Even the worst part was good. And when I’m talking about the worst part, I’m talking about Christian Hackenberg. Remember when he was at Penn State and he was a lock to go in the first round? And then he went 51st overall to the Jets, but he was still the heir apparent. And then he crashed out of the league before playing a single regular season game.

Well, things didn’t get much better for him in the Alliance. Hackenberg was the starting quarterback for the Memphis Express yesterday against the Birmingham Iron and it was ugly. How ugly? 10 for 23 for 87 yards and 1 pick ugly. 

Oh, and here’s another thing that’s great about the Alliance. On-field mics. Just ask Hackenberg on this play.

Let’s that ball sail and lets the f-bombs fly. Incredible.

And that wasn’t the only time that H-berg went F-bomb.

That is awesome. The reaction from Hackenberg, not the actual play from Hackenberg. And if I’m Christian, I’m turning off my notifications on twitter. Because the beating he took on the field was nothing to what he was taking online.

But this is my point: the Alliance was so good that even its worst player was must-see TV. That’s how great this league is.

My house isn’t a Fleet House or an Iron House. Or a Legends House. Or a Commanders House. My house is an Alliance House. And I suggest you do the same.

I know where I’ll be next Saturday and Sunday, right in front of the TV with the speakers up full blast. I just hope Hackenberg is there as well.  And while I don’t want to lobby for opportunities here, I just want to my bosses Sean McManus and David Berson know, whenever you need to fire up Views from Rome for the Alliance, I’m here for it.  I’ll fuel up Air Rome for some takes on the Hot shots and the Fleet: just let me know; I’ve got takes for days and so far so good with the Alliance. I can’t get enough of it, because I’ll about team content. And this is premium content.