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Amateur Hour From @puma

Tweet out that awesome zinger and include a link to your website. Move merch.

February 21, 2019 - 11:57 am

And of course a moment like Zion going down with a busted wheel is going to get some attention. Tweets were flying thick and fast. And some folks are going to want to have some of those tweets back.

Like Carlos Boozer tweeting:

Get Well Soon @zionnps

That’s cool. One Duke Legend reaching out to another. Well, actually that was one Duke Legend reaching out to a national park. Because @mistercbooz tweeted “Get Well Soon” @zionnps to Zion National Park. 

Oh, and you want to clown him? What, like there’s something wrong with sending best wishes to a national park? Or like how this the weirdest thing that Boozer has done since that time he appeared to take a can of Rustoleum to his bald spot? Whatever.   

It was a stressful time for everyone. We all do weird things when things get heated. And if Boozer needed to reach out to a national park, he should do just that. 

And now you’re going to tell me that it’s kind of weird that a guy who lived and worked in Utah for a number of years is tweeting at a national park in Utah. I say, good for him. I just wished he’d included Arches and Canyonlands in it as well. What, no love for Yosemite or Yellowstone, Booze?

But as weird as that tweet was, it was nothing compared to a certain tweet by a certain shoe company. Because after Zion’s Nike blew out and he went down, Puma allegedly tweeted: "Wouldn't have happened in the pumas"

I say allegedly because there is no way that really happened, right? 

There is no way that shoe company twitter account sees a transcendent player get injured in someone else’s shoes and jumps in with something like that, right? 

There is no way that someone working at a shoe company sees a teenager in pain while wearing another company’s and then cracks his or her knuckles and says, it’s go time. 

I mean, I know we live in the trolliest of times, but really? Seriously? Did someone at Puma really tweet that and then turn around and call out for a high-five? 

Awesome! Sick burn! We really took it to Nike on that one! We got over! Wooooo! 

And of course, that tweet was later deleted. 


The only thing worse than tweeting that moronic take is to pull it down. Because not only do you get the horrible look of tweeting it, but you then get to admit that you were horrible for tweeting it. 

If you’re going to tweet that out, stand by it. If you want to be the troll company, be the troll company. If you want to be the bad guys, be the bad guys. Wear the black hat. Embrace it. Don’t half-step it. 

Tweet out that awesome zinger and include a link to your website. Move merch. Capitalize on it. Maybe make some gear with a crumpled up Zion and a busted Nike. That’s how you really do it.

But they didn’t. They deleted a tweet that never should’ve gotten out in the first place. A total amateur hour move and smacked of a company trying to find its way back onto the big stage and vomiting all over themselves when they got there.