America's Team Dominates Pittsburgh

Surprise, surprise, motherbleepers, Cleveland is back.

Jim Rome
January 11, 2021 - 9:17 am
Cleveland Browns

USA Today


Good morning to Cleveland and Cleveland only. Because C-town, you and I were the only ones who believed. The only ones who believed that could go down WOULD go down in Pittsburgh last night. A nation of millions was so prepared to bumrush us, tell us we were wrong and that the Browns is the Browns.  That WE had no chance. That the Brown making the playoffs was nice a little story, but they were about to get collective faces broken and it would all come crashing down. 

But we knew better, didn’t we, C-town?? Didn’t us! It was you and I against the world.  The way it always is. The way it’s always been!  

Because seven days ago, I came on this very show and told you how the Browns were in the playoffs and giving hope to the entire world. And people tried to clown and mock me. Said things like, man, Rome doesn’t believe any of that crap.  He’s doing just a bit.  Like any other blowhard, who just starts throwing crap up against the wall to see what will stick: just pushing buttons to get reaction.  Besides, who the hell would ever look to the Cleveland browns for hope?!  I heard all your garbage. And the Browns heard all your garbage. Fact of the matter is, in these troubling and challenging times, that’s EXACTLY where you should be looking to get your hope. The Cleveland freaking Browns. Because they keep on proving everyone wrong.

All week long I heard, cool Rome, the Browns made the playoffs, but they could barely beat Pittsburgh’s JV squad in a must-win game, they’re going to face a bigger, better Steelers squad in the playoffs. If you’re smart, Rome, you’ll back off the Browns now.  Before they get their asses kicked and you get your come uppance: pull your chips back Rome, get out while you’re ahead. 

And these same haters, and know-nothings were saying Cleveland got humiliated by the Steelers in Pittsburgh in the regular season, they said they’d lost 17 straight in Pittsburgh, of course, they’re going to get blasted. Especially when you find out one day later, that head coach and play calling wizard Kevin Stefanski, two additional coaches, and two players had tested positive for Covid. Now, you’re missing a brilliant young head coach, key players, and you can’t even practice!! And if there was no chance the Browns could win in Pittsburgh with Stefanski, there’s sure as hell no way they were winning there without him.

The haters were starting to guess just how big the blowout would be. But not me. I came on this show six days ago and said, if you think the Cleveland Browns are going to give up, you don’t know the Cleveland Browns. What you saw as an obstacle, I saw as an opportunity.

And let me make this perfectly clear: No Kevin Stefanski. No Joel Bitonio. No Olivier Vernon. No Denzel Ward. No doubt.

It didn’t matter that the Browns head coach was in his basement and their top two corners were out. It didn’t matter that their practice facility was closed. It didn’t matter that they hadn’t practiced together as a team in more than two weeks. It didn’t matter that Baker Mayfield went days without throwing a pass or that their meetings were all on Zoom.

Because the Cleveland Browns aren’t just about one man. Or two men. Or three men. They’re larger than that. The Cleveland Browns are an idea. And that idea is awesome. And inspiring.

Because the Cleveland Browns said bring it on. All of it! Throw absolutely everything you have at us. We want it. Build the mountain higher, because it’ll give us a better view when we reach the top.

And they made that perfectly clear from the first play from scrimmage.

One team was ready for that game and ready for the moment, and another wasn’t. And the team that was ready was wearing white jerseys, orange helmets, orange pants, and carrying an entire city on its shoulders.

And they made that city proud. Because jumping out to a 7-0 lead wasn’t enough. They wanted more. And they got it, when Mayfield found Landry for a 40-yard td.

The Browns had run exactly three offensive plays and were already up 14-0. And the avalanche was just starting.

Six plays later came this... Kareem Hunt with an 11-yard td. 

Steelers’ linebacker Robert Spillane hit Kareem Hunt at the four yard line and Kareem Hunt carried him into the end zone. That summed it up. Because the Browns were the better team, the tougher team, and the more physically dominant team.

And then came another interception. And then three more plays before Hunt scored another touchdown. 

28-0. That was a Grade-A, 100 percent, USDA certified ass-kicking. It was garbage time in the first half. It was garbage time in the first quarter. They were making plays all over the place, on both sides of the ball. They had backup defensive linemen in the game and they were making plays.

And all you dopes, losers and haters who were coming for Cleveland and coming for me, were suddenly pretty damn quiet.

All you could hear was the cheering from C-town. I’m not going to say I told you saw, but I actually did tell you. If you were shocked by last night, if you were shocked by the Browns jumping out to a 28-0 lead on the road in the playoffs, you haven’t been paying attention.

It didn’t matter that their head coach wasn’t there. It didn’t matter that Joel Bitonio wasn’t there. It didn’t matter that Baker Mayfield just met one of his offensive linemen in the locker room before the game.

Did you catch that quote from him when he was talking to Michelle Tafoya after the game? "We had Michael Dunn step in at left guard for Joel Bitonio. And then, Michael got hurt and a guy named Blake [Hance], that I introduced myself to literally in the locker room before the game, stepped up in the fourth quarter."  

Hey, Blake, I’m Baker. You ready to go make history?

Because that’s what they did. And that’s what that offensive line did. They bullied the Steelers all night. That was a blocking clinic. Even without Bitonio and then Jack Conklin got injured. But it didn’t matter. The line was that good.  

And don’t make this about the Steelers slumping. They have a Hall of Fame quarterback and a Hall of Fame coach. They have Pro Bowlers up and down their roster. They were 11-0 not that long ago. They are really, really good.

They’re one of the best teams in the NFL. They had a damn good look at a Super Bowl run. They just ran into a buzzsaw. So make sure you give them some bleeping credit, I mean for real!

And don’t even come in here and tell me that game came down to Mike Tomlin’s decision to punt on 4th and 1. It didn’t. But you knew the moment he didn’t go for it, the Browns were going to make them pay. Just like legends always do. 

As Mayfield said: “We’re here for a reason. There’s a new standard. We’re going to try and keep it that way.”

Or to put it another way, as he ran towards the locker room.

The Browns are the Browns. And they are in the playoffs. And you can apologize to them right now. 

Or let me put it another way, to paraphrase a wise man: surprise, surprise, motherbleepers, Cleveland is back.