Anthony Lynn

Chargers head coach talks 2020 NFL Draft.

Jim Rome
April 27, 2020 - 11:55 am

Info & Stats:  Los Angeles Chargers Head Coach

All Topics: 2020 NFL Draft | Draft went off smoothly | Getting a lot of work done from home | Nothing not to like about Justin Herbert | Loves Herbert | Looking forward to working with Herbert | Tyrod Taylor | Did homework on Cam Newton | Kenneth Murray | Murray plays linebacker the way it’s supposed to be played | Murray’s combine interview was off the charts | Taking UCLA running back Josh Kelley in the fourth round | Kelley is a tough, physical downhill runner | Next few months | Digesting his roster

Apr 27th 2020

Feb 25th 2020

All Topics: At the NFL Combine right now | Rough 2019 Season | Losing 9 games by one score | Too many turnovers last year | Philip Rivers and the team parting ways | Time with Philip | No one has ever worked harder for him than Philip | Tyrod Taylor is capable of starting for this team | His learning curve as head coach | Having the 6th overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft |


Aug 19th 2019

All Topics: Training Camp | Finding the right 53 guys | Got to put the work in to get back to where we were | Derwin James’ foot injury | Derwin’s intangibles | Situational football | Business-like approach | Talking with every player on the roster | Candy bar – cro bar philosophy | Melvin Gordon’s contract situation | Isn’t sure when Gordon will return | Texas Tech | Life in Lubbock, TX


Jan 25th 2019

All Topics: At the Pro Bowl in Orlando right now | Coaching the Pro Bowl | #1 priority at the Pro Bowl is no injuries | Losing in the Divisional Playoffs to the Patriots | Picked the wrong damn day to play the Patriots | Positives in 2018 | Overcoming injuries | His teams attitude is outstanding | NFL head coaching hiring trends | Selfless attitude | Super Bowl 53



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Aug 29th 2018

All Topics: 2nd camp in Los Angeles feels a lot more comfortable | Buzz around the team | 4th preseason game tomorrow night vs. San Francisco | Forrest Lamp | Playing starters in preseason | You need to spar before you box | Philip Rivers’ work ethic | NFL helmet rules | Melvin Gordon being the poster boy of striking people with the crown of his helmet | Joey Bosa and Melvin Ingram | Derwin James