Anthony Rendon To The Angels

OC vs. LA, let's get it on!

Jim Rome
December 12, 2019 - 10:27 am
Anthony Rendon

USA Today


The news broke last night: Anthony Rendon to the Angels for a reported 7 years, 245 million. And like that, the best bat in free agency is off the market. The two best arms and now the best bat are locked up. And the Angels are assembling themselves a lineup.

The Angels went into the offseason making a lot of noise about what they could do and when they didn’t get Zack Wheeler, or Stephen Strasburg, or Gerrit Cole, things weren’t looking so good. You can’t talk that big a game and give the impression that you’re going to do something big and then not do something big. 

And then they signed Rendon. But this isn’t a case of missing out on the great arms and then having money burning a hole in their pocket so they just throw it at the nearest free agent. 

That’s not what this is. Yeah, it would’ve been really nice to get a big-time arm, but Rendon isn’t a consolation prize. He is a prize. He’s the best bat on the market, an MVP candidate, and arguably the best third baseman in baseball. 

They got the guy everyone else was chasing at third. And there are a lot of teams who are reportedly looking for help at third: the Rangers, the Nationals, the Braves, the Phillies, the Twins, and the Dodgers have all been reportedly looking for third basemen.

And now those teams are shifting to Josh Donaldson and maybe reaching out to the Cubs. You know, because the Cubs, who were allegedly built to win forever, are reportedly now interested in getting rid of Kris Bryant two years before he hits free agency so that they can save money. 

But this isn’t about a team looking to dump salary, this is about a team looking to take on salary and looking to be exciting. The Angels did just that. 

And Rendon fills a massive hole for the Angels, whose third basemen were last in the majors in RBI and O.P.S. last season. Rendon was first in RBI. Problem solved. 

Oh, and he’s one of the most clutch players in baseball. If you’re questioning this signing, I’m questioning your eyesight. And more importantly, your I.Q. And your memory. And your knowledge of baseball. Did you see the postseason? Did you see the World Series? Did you see how Rendon was a stone-cold assassin time and time again?

Did you see what he did in the seventh inning and later in the postseason? The Nationals were all about staying in the fight and he was the guy who kept them in the fight and won the fight. The Nationals don’t have a ring right now if it’s not for Anthony Rendon. 

And now he’s going to be in the same lineup as Mike Trout. The guy who finished in third in the NL MVP and the guy who won the AL MVP in 2019. And 2016. And 2014. 

And they’re going to have Shohei Ohtani getting healthier. And Jo Adell should be coming up from the minors. This crew is going to MASH.

And no, signing Rendon doesn’t make their rotation better. And that rotation was brutal last year. They’re going to need some help or some luck or both there. Or else they’re going to need to win a lot of games 13-12 next year. 

The addition of Rendon brings the Angels closer to the Astros and A’s in the AL West, but does it fully close the gap. Probably not. 

But the addition of Rendon also brings something else. Because there is this little detail, this little nugget to throw some gas on the fire. Jorge Castillo of the Los Angeles Times tweeted: 

The Dodgers didn’t make Anthony Rendon an offer, per sources. Their sense was he didn’t want to play in LA. Orange County apparently was a different story. 

Hell yes. There you go. We’ve already got NoCal v SoCal, let’s get LA v. OC. Dodgers v. Angels. 

Garden Grove!


Fountain Valley!


Seal Beach! Are you with the OC or against it? If we’re losing Raiders v. Chargers and Hell Week, I want there to be a new Hell Week. 

Anthony Rendon just picked the OC over LA. Didn’t want to play in LA, reportedly, did want to play in OC, actually. 

And I want Anthony Rendon leading an all-out skirmish between LA and the OC. 

Health conscious vs. health conscious 

Trendy diet vs. trendy diet

Plastic surgery vs. plastic surgery 

Horrible traffic vs. horrible traffic

OC has scoreboard right now. Because Anthony Rendon is down here and you aren’t. 

OC 1
LA 0

Let’s get it on.