Antonio Brown's Latest Retirement

Fine. Whatever.

Jim Rome
July 21, 2020 - 11:00 am
Antonio Brown

USA Today


Antonio Brown announced his retirement yesterday. I guess. I mean, great. Fine. Whatever.   

And normally, that would be enough to say about Antonio Brown. In fact, that would be too much. The NFL has been a much better place without weekly, daily, and hourly updates on Antonio Brown and what he’s up to.

It has been a long time since he’s been a topic on this show. And really a long time since he should be a topic anywhere.

The guy who was an electrifying receiver left the building a long time ago and was replaced by someone who threatened a team official in Oakland, was signed by the Patriots, sued for sexual assault, played one game for the Patriots, was featured in their offense in a game against Miami they would’ve won without him, awarded a game ball, and then cut just before 5pm on a Friday when the heat got even hotter.

I would say the fact that he’s retiring is good news. Because it would mean that we don’t have to hear all off these constant updates from TMZ and from Brown himself about the work that he’s putting in on the practice field. And we don’t have to hear speculation about Tom Brady bringing him to Tampa Bay. Or incredibly Russell Wilson trying to get him to Seattle. 

And we don’t have to hear about a guy who has been accused time and time again of horrible behavior.

I mean…When you look at the world right now, is there anything that feels dumber and less important than what Antonio Brown is doing right now?

There was a time when what Antonio Brown was doing was really interesting. There was a time when he was an interesting interview and when you could just give him a camera and have him interview teammates in the locker room and it was must-see TV. There was a time when even his arrival at training camp was an event. And that’s before we get into what he could do on the football field.

But that time was a long time ago.

You know what else seems like a long time ago? 2019.

Last year was the year of Antonio Brown. And it was the most tedious thing ever. There was him forcing his way out of Pittsburgh, livestreaming his cardio sessions, giving himself moronic nicknames, and getting into Twitter spats with former teammates.

Then was the drama about his helmet and fighting the NFL about what helmet he would be allowed to wear. And that allegedly included him trying to sneak onto the field with an old helmet that he had painted in Raider colors.

And there was the drama about how Antonio Brown destroyed his feet because he somehow got frostbite in July because he somehow went into a cryo chamber and didn’t wear sandals. This should be the one thing you think about when you think about Antonio brown, but he’s gotten into so many other horrific and wacky things, that you forgot he even gave himself frostbite. In the middle of summer. 

And then there was him making Jon Gruden look like a dope. There was him allegedly threatening to punch Mike Mayock. And there was him going to New England, Tom Brady falling in love with him, and then appearing to not know him at all when asked about him after Brown got into trouble again.

Weird is good, but that was not. That wasn’t weird. That was bad. No, it wasn’t bad, it was terrible. Because everyone focused on the allegedly wacky stuff he was doing and didn’t pay nearly enough attention to all of the horrible stuff he was alleged to have done.

That was last year. Some of that was less than 12 months ago. And yet it feels like ancient history. Because the world has moved on from Antonio Brown, and that is a very good thing.

But you know what else was last year? Antonio Brown’s retirement. He already announced his retirement on September 22nd, 2019.

And he threatened to retire in August of last year when he couldn’t wear the helmet that he wanted. So forgive me if I don’t buy this retirement. Better yet, forgive me if I don’t care.

He’s not the guy we thought he was. He’s not a funny, phrase-dropping receiver who shows up like a million bucks on radio row.

He’s under investigation from the NFL for separate allegations of sexual assault, as well as sending an accuser threatening text messages.

Last month, he was sentenced in an assault case that is separate from the separate allegations of sexual assault. This is an assault case where he assaulted the driver of a moving truck.

So he’s a moving truck driver assaulter, an alleged sexual assaulter, and allegedly threatened someone who alleged he sexually assaulted her.

I don’t want to indict someone on just allegations, but I will say this show has been a lot better without him. I don’t know if yesterday’s announcement really counts or means anything, but it does to me. I’m going to take him at his word and retire him. He’s retired from this program. I’m done. I hope you right the wrongs and get the help that you need.