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A Bad Night

March 21, 2018 - 12:18 pm

If Buffalo Bills receiver Zay Jones is trending in March, that’s not a good thing. And he was last night. And it wasn’t a good thing. Not at all. Just as if you’re a football player and I’m talking about you in March and it’s not about you signing a new contract, that’s a bad thing. And if you’re a football player and I’m talking about you in March and it’s about you having what was described as a “nude episode” that’s one of the worst things.

Before I go on, let me make something clear: Zay Jones has been on the show. So has his brother, Cayleb. I enjoyed talking to both of them. We don’t really know anyone, but Zay seems like a good guy who had a very bad night. A very, very bad night.

According to reports, Zay was arrested Monday night and charged with felony damage to property after an incident involving his brother in an apartment building in downtown Los Angeles. According to ESPN, Officer Luis Garcia said Zay Jones was breaking glass doors and windows when police arrived. That’s not good… but it gets worse.

Because according to video posted by TMZ, Zay was naked at the time. And, quoting from the TMZ report, “You can hear Zay yelling, “I’m going to fight for Jesus” … and according to witnesses, Cayleb was trying to stop him from jumping out a 30th floor window.”

And I know what you’re thinking before you think it. So just stop it. I know the moment that you saw those headlines pop up on Twitter, you were already crafting your witty tweets and emails about how a Bills wideout hasn’t gotten this much attention since Andre Reed. Or “Hey Rome, I’d also want to jump out a high rise if I had to spend most of my year in Buffalo”.  Just stop. You aren’t funny and this isn’t funny. This is downright disturbing and horrifying. And if you’re immediate reaction to seeing this story is to crack on Jones or Buffalo, then there is something wrong with you.

Yes, Zay Jones had a bad night. I’m not going to deny that at all. We’ve all had bad nights and sometimes we look back on them and laugh. But this night is much worse than your average bad night and I’m not looking back on Zay’s night and laughing right now.   No one should be. When you’re naked, allegedly, yelling “I’m going to fight for Jesus, allegedly, and attempting to jump out a 30th floor window, allegedly, that is a horrible night.

And, call me a buzz kill, but when that’s happening, that doesn’t sound like the kind of bad night that you clown someone for.

A guy was naked, breaking glass doors and windows, and threatening to jump to his death from a 30th floor window? Hilarious. Oh, that’s comedy gold. The jokes just write themselves. Right? Wrong.

This isn’t a case where a guy had one or three too many and it got away from him.  We’ve all been there. This is different. And while I’m not exactly what Jones is dealing with, I’m pretty certain it may be something that most of us have never dealt with before.  Something very troubling. Something you don’t kill someone for. Especially when he may have actually been trying to kill himself. When did a guy threatening to jump out of a building, 30 stories up become funny? I must have missed that class. Do I really have to say, people threatening to take their own lives is NOT SHOW FODDER. At least not in the way some of you want it to be. Something went very, very wrong that night and as bad as it was, it sounds like it could have gone much, much worse. I have absolutely no idea what happened leading up to that event, but it sounds like Zay needs help, urgently, and I hope he gets it. And if you find any of this even remotely amusing, I hope you get you need as well.