Daniel Cormier

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The Baddest Man On The Planet

There was a reckoning on Saturday night in Las Vegas.

July 09, 2018 - 11:24 am

There was a reckoning on Saturday night in Las Vegas. That reckoning was between Daniel Cormier and everyone who ever doubted him. All the people who called him a fake champion, a paper champ, someone who just got lucky. That argument, lame as it was, was demolished at 4:33 of the first round when DC’s fist met Stipe Miocic’s face.

That’s Daniel Cormier, the so-called fake champion, knocking out arguably the greatest heavyweight champion in UFC history. From so-called fake champ to the double champ in less than a round. That was the punch that took him from one of the best, to the best and it was a damn sweet punch. And there was nothing lucky about it. 

Steps up in weight class, giving up who knows how much in height and reach, and beats the guy nobody could beat. That was a monster performance. Showing up in the biggest way possible, on the biggest stage to become the baddest man on the planet. 

And if you were surprised, you shouldn’t be. If you were surprised, you were one of those who’s been missing out on DC all along. If you’re surprised, you’re just here to hate. Because Cormier is not only one of the best guys of all time, he’s one of the best fighters of all time. How there can be a single DC hater on this planet is beyond me, let alone crowds of them. 

I’d tell you to show him some damn respect, but I know that’s a waste of time. Not because he doesn’t deserve it. He absolutely does. But if you didn’t respect him before, after everything he’s done and the consummate pro that he’s been over the years, then you’ll never respect him. And that’s more about you than it is about him. He’s a legend and you’re completely missing out. 

This guy could’ve been a heavyweight the whole time, but he and his friend Cain Velasquez didn’t want to be in the same division. So he went down to light heavyweight and was one of the greatest light heavyweights ever. And if you’re still wanting to bring this back to Jon Jones, that’s fine. DC knows that.

“Listen, for the people who called me a fake champion and said, ‘You’re not a real champion,’ you can’t question this one. Maybe they could question my light heavyweight title, to a certain degree. But I have something completely separate from him and I’m so thankful. Everything was tied to him, no matter how much I beat everyone else. There was always that, ‘Oh, you lost to Jones.’ But now I’m in a division that I never got to complete my division in, and now I’m one of the greatest of all-time. I love D.J. and I love GSP, and it’s going to be one of the three of us [who is the greatest ever].”

Hell. Yes. That is all truth. You might want to say Jon Jones is better, but availability is the best ability, and Jones is never available. Jones is too busy with hitting cars and failing drug tests to get in the cage and stay in the cage. DC, on the other hand, wasn’t in any hurry to leave the cage Saturday night. Not without calling out the biggest man in the room.

That was one hell of a moment. And if you’re trying to argue that it was staged or that it cheapened the moment for DC, keep moving. The guy just beat the greatest heavyweight of all time. He can say or do whatever he wants right now. And if he wants to fight Brock Lesnar, then all the more power to him. And if you think that one shoutout didn’t just sell a million pay-per-views, then you’re wrong there, too. Because it did.

And honestly, I don’t really care what happens in that fight with Lesnar. DC was giving up a lot in size and reach to Stipe and it looks like he’s giving up about thirty feet and a million pounds to Brock. But DC won’t care. DC will do what DC does, which is go to work, show up, and give it everything he has. Is it a money grab? That doesn’t matter to  me either. DC has earned that, too. By his own timeline, he’s probably got two more fights left and if he can cash in on them, more power to him. He’s earned it. Because the nicest dude on the planet is now officially the baddest man on the planet.