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Ball Up, T

There are two other great draft night traditions: comparisons and fashion.

June 22, 2018 - 10:55 am

There are two other great draft night traditions: comparisons and fashion. Let’s start with the comparisons, because there were some wacky comparisons being thrown out there during last night’s draft and guys were taking a lot of heat for it. 

But one guy who won’t get any heat from me for his comparison is Utah Jazz general manager Dennis Lindsey and his assessment of Grayson Allen. Now, let me get a couple things clear from the outset. Dennis Lindsey is one hell of a general manager. He has put together a really strong roster that is a good fit for Quin Snyder and is only going to get better. And Lindsey thinks a key part of that could be Grayson Allen. 

And a key part of Grayson Allen are his hands: "Grayson's hands are wide hands, but they have the Jeff Hornacek, Enes Kanter where they have a little bit of an extra pad. They're thick. (That helps his) ability to handle the ball, hook passes, pocket passes, ultimately his superior shooting."

And that is the difference between you and an NBA executive. You might look at Grayson Allen and see his shooting stroke. And maybe you try to figure out who that reminds you of. Is it Steph Curry? Mark Price? Toby Bailey? 

Dennis Lindsey looks at Grayson Allen and sees Jeff Hornacek and Enes Kanter. Incredible. And he’s not just throwing out comparisons for the say of filling time, he’s breaking them down. Because it’s not just about the width of Allen’s hands, it’s about the extra pad, the extra thickness, and what that means for pocket passes. That is genius. And that’s not a joke. Lindsey is serious. 

Speaking of jokes, let’s get to Trae Young’s suit. I could’ve dragged this out a little longer. I could’ve gone with winners and losers. I could’ve hyped DeAndre Ayton for his jacket lining, or Wendell Carter Jr. for his shoulder cloth or Lonnie Walker IV for everything. 

And then taken a run at other guys for having some questionable choices when it came to vests, but last night’s fashion was really all about Trae Young’s suit. Or what was left of it.

Because my man came rolling out in shorts. Full-on Angus Young. Suit jacket, bow tie, and shorts. It’s courageous. It’s audacious. And it will be truly ridiculous if he doesn’t have a huge career. 

I know there have been questions about Trae Young’s going into the draft, but I only had one coming out of last night: are you serious with that? I haven’t seen a draft look that weird since Brett Favre was getting the phone call wearing jorts in his bedroom. 

I know it’s good to get run and get reaction, but at what cost? You never get a second chance to make a first impression and you’ll never be able to erase those pics from the web.  

The guy can shoot, I’m not sure he can dress. He said afterwards that he picked shorts because he looked back at other drafts and saw that nobody wore shorts. And there’s a reason for that. It’s a horrible look. Do you want to be a point guard or a ups driver?  Nothing wrong with ups drivers; they kick ass;  love those guys. But you gotta pick, Trae, because you can’t be both. 

Sometimes things haven’t been done because nobody thought of doing them and sometimes things haven’t been done because they’re just terrible ideas. And that was just a terrible idea. 

Did you think an actual basketball game was going to break out at the draft? Were you expecting to do a defensive shuffle across the stage to the commissioner? If so, shorts make sense. If not, they make a scene. 

And I know that LeBron wore a suit with shorts during the playoffs. I also know that LeBron is LeBron. He could pull it off. You can’t. At least not yet. 

Trae Young just put a monster target on his back going forward. If he makes multiple All-Star teams, it works. He called his shot and went legend. If he doesn’t, he’s grabbing a seat between Samaki Walker and Tim Thomas on the bench for the all-time worst dressed team. Ball up, T. Ball up.