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Bama vs. Clemson IV

College football is just Clemson and Alabama, Alabama and Clemson. That’s it.

January 02, 2019 - 9:34 am

There’s a lot to recap when it comes to college football. A ton. And yet, absolutely nothing at all. Because really, college football is just Clemson and Alabama, Alabama and Clemson. That’s it. 

Now, Texas is back. I said it on Twitter last night and I mean it. A Sugar Bowl win in primetime? That’s back. Coming in as a nearly two touchdown underdog to Georgia and absolutely stomping them 28-21 in a statement game? That’s back. Your mascot, Bevo, busting through a barricade and nearly steamrolling the opposing mascot before the game? That’s back. 

A 10-win season with wins over two of the top five teams in the college football rankings? That’s back. Tom Herman has that thing moving and you actually get the sense that they’re just scratching the surface. They didn’t just beat Georgia, they beat them the hell up. That’s back. They’re still not even firing on all cylinders and they’re already coming up with wins like that? That’s back.

Oh, and here’s another thing about that game – remember when Georgia honks and Georgia players lost their collective bleep over being left out of the college football playoff. And how they droned on and on about how badly the committee jammed them.  Then you go out and get knocked the hell out??  You probably want that back don’t you Georgia honks? And don’t tell me you had nothing to play for. Because you did. You had chance to make your point on a big stage. A chance to send a message. But the only message you delivered was that the committee got it right.  

You can’t complain that you’re one of the four best teams in the country, spend a month talking about that, fire it back up on twitter while clowning the teams that did make it in, and then get hammered  the way they did last night. It doesn’t work that way. And it’s embarrassing. What a horrible look. You think the committee screwed you? You think you deserve to be in the playoff? Then show the hell up, and show the hell out. Instead, you got knocked the hell out. Period. 

But it wasn’t just Georgia. Ohio State fans had a lot of say about getting left out of the college football playoff. But, unlike Georgia, they handled their stuff in a 28-23 win over Washington. Sort of; they did damn near blew that huge lead against Washington in the second half. And by the way… how did that back door cover taste? I’m guessing like a crap sando. The worst crap sando of the bowl season if you’re into that sort of thing. 

But the Buckeyes don’t care how much money they cost you. They weren’t’ looking to cover, just to win. And they did. And if Urban Meyer was the person who Urban Meyer thinks he is, and tells everyone he is, that Rose Bowl win would’ve been a pretty special moment, not just for him, but for the whole sport. If he was the leader and molder of men that he claims to be, the fact that he’s stepping down… in part or in whole due to health concerns, would be pretty freaking sad, right? A guy, in his prime, doing what he loves to do, and doing it at a very high level, but having to walk away because of physical issues.  And because the stress of the game had taken its toll. If he was even half the dude he thinks he is, that would be your story line. 

But he’s not that person. Nowhere near it. And the fact that he wins a Rose Bowl in the same season that he was suspended for three games for failing to properly handle allegations of domestic violence by one of staff members is a part of his legacy. A huge part of his legacy. He may think it doesn’t matter. Hell, this guy walks around like it never even happened. Just like those 30 plus arrests at Florida never happened. Urb walks around like HE’S somehow the victim. Wins cover and erase a lot of things. But not this.  At least they shouldn’t. Damn good coach. But a total fraud.

So, don’t fall for the baggy reflections that came after that Rose Bowl. And certainly don’t fall for that joke of an idea that he’ll teach a class on “Leadership and Character.”

I don’t know if he’s done coaching forever and I don’t care. Because he’s an unrepentant, unremorseful fraud. And any school who hires him knows that. And by the way, does anyone, anywhere, really think this guy is done coaching??

Oh, and Buckeye fans who felt like last night and Saturday night justified your complaints about not making the playoff: you lost to Purdue by 29 and Purdue lost their bowl game to Auburn by a billion. So no one wants to hear it. 

But as much as last night was about Texas and Ohio State, really all of college football is about one thing and one thing only: Alabama-Clemson IV. 

Saturday night started with Clemson and Notre Dame feeling each other out. Each team trying to figure out the other. And at the end of the first quarter, it was tied at 3. And for a moment, it looked like we were going to have the rarest of things: a competitive college football semifinal. Then Notre Dame’s All-American cornerback Julian Love gets injured in the second quarter, Clemson scores 20 points, ball game. Thanks for coming. Same as it ever was. 

And then it was time for everyone to clown Notre Dame for not belonging in the college football playoff. Until Oklahoma promptly went out and fell behind 28-0 in the first 17 minutes of the second semifinal. The most exciting offense, led by a Heisman trophy winner, got absolutely hammered by Alabama. Kyler Murray was sacked twice before he was able to get off his first pass. And he didn’t complete a pass until the Sooners were down 21-0. 

The problem isn’t that college football doesn’t have an eight team playoff. The problem is that college football has a two team playoff. There’s Alabama and Clemson, and then there’s everyone else. 

And while everyone else wants to claim that they have a shot, they don’t. Ohio State forfeited its shot when it lost to Purdue. Georgia’s best claim that they belonged was that they’ve nearly beaten Alabama twice, but have found a way to lose both times. And then they got destroyed by Texas. 

People tried to talk themselves into believing Oklahoma had a shot with their offense. And they were crushed. Instead of turning it into a shootout, they got boatraced. 

Notre Dame looked like they might have a chance when Dexter Lawrence was suspended, but Clemson just replaced one future NFL d-lineman with another and still dominated on defense. 

And that’s how it is. And even worse, when you look at their rosters, neither Alabama nor Clemson is going anywhere. So get used to it. Let's fast forward to the title game on Monday and then wash, rinse repeat, and see you back here in 2020