Big Balls Pete. The Hawks are 10-2.

Jim Rome
December 03, 2019 - 9:48 am
Pete Carroll

USA Today


Say what you will about the Seattle Seahawks, you always get your money’s worth when you watch them. You are guaranteed that it will be a close game and that Seattle will find a way to win it. And they did that again last night, coming up with a critical stop to beat Minnesota 37-30. 

And now here’s something for all you people who hate Pete Carroll, and Russell Wilson, and the Seahawks, and the 12’s: Seattle is 10-2. They’re tied for the best record in the league. They are in first place in the NFC West. And even scarier, they are playing their best football of the season. And despite all the talk about the Patriots, Ravens, Saints, and Niners, the Hawks, may in fact, be the team to beat, overall. 

And no…Last night wasn’t about Kirk Cousins coming up short in primetime against a great team. That was an impressive showing by the Vikings, especially when Dalvin Cook went down. And for a moment, it looked like they were going to rip that game. 

Last night wasn’t about Minnesota didn’t do or couldn’t do: it was about Seattle did do, and what they always do. Find a way to win.  Find a way to finish. And if you do HATE the Seahawks, that has to be unsettling. 

And the most unsettling part of last night wasn’t the 24 straight points they scored in the second half to take control of the game. And it wasn’t the receivers breaking out a perfect New Edition dance, although that was nice. And it wasn’t the running game dominating, although that was huge and I’ll get to it in a minute.

Nope, the most unsettling part of last night was Pete's decision to go FAKE PUNT.

A fake punt on 4th and 3 from their own 32 with a 10 point lead. Perfectly executed, but it wasn’t unsettle because it picked up the first down. Hell, they didn’t even score on that possession because DK Metcalf fumbled a few plays later. 

What’s unsettling about the play isn’t the fact that they ran it well, it’s that they ran it in the first place. A fake punt on their own 32. That’s scary, because that is Pete Carroll. 

That is BBP. Big Balls Pete. That is vintage Carroll and that tells you he’s feeling it with this team. Pete Carroll is back, baby! Moves like that have been his trademark. Go high risk when the opponent least expects it and he knows his team will back him up. 

That is the bubble yum chomping legend at his best. That tells you the kind of confidence he has in this team. You may not know what he has in this team, but he does. He’s feeling it. And this Seahawks team is finally playing the kind of ball that he wants them to play. Because the running game showed up. Chris Carson: 23 carries, 102 yards, 1 touchdown. Rashaad Penny: 15 rushes, 74 yards, 1 rushing touchdown, 4 receptions, 33 yards, 1 receiving touchdown.  

They had 218 rushing yards against a Vikings defense that allows less than 95 per game. No wonder Pete Carroll was fired up in the postgame presser, hyping his running backs and saying it was “so much fun to see those two guys battling it out.”

You hearing that? Fun, guys, battling. That’s classic Pete. 

And Pete Carroll had more Pete Carroll: “They’re just playing. And when we see how the game goes, we might give a guy a few more here or a few more there. We don’t know, because they’re both really good. We love them and we just play them. Chris is the starter, so he winds up getting some more carries, but they’re playing as 1-2, and I don’t know who one is and I don’t know who is Two. They’re doing great.”

Upbeat, high energy, positivity. But don’t get fooled. Carroll isn’t just about good vibes and hanging loose. He’s about pounding the run, big plays on defense, and hitting you with demoralizing gadget plays. And punching you in the face. 

Seattle just beat a playoff team in Minnesota in a game where Russell Wilson, an MVP candidate, did not play like an MVP candidate. In fact, they won that game despite the fact that Wilson was involved in one of the all-time weirdest pick sixes ever.

That was one of the strangest pick sixes you’ll ever see and the fact that Wilson was at the center of it was even weirder, because he almost always does the smart thing in a situation like that, but instead of knocking it down, he tipped it up. He didn’t just tip it up, he set it up for Anthony Harris. 

Earlier in the season, if Russell Wilson wasn’t perfect, Seattle wasn’t winning. He had to carry so much o the load for them that he had to make ridiculously awesome throws to keep them in games. Last night, he made a ridiculously weird move and it didn’t cost them the game. 

You want to say Seattle plays down to their competition that they rarely truly dominate an opponent for a full sixty minutes and they play too many close games? I’ll say they’re 9-1 in one-score games. 

The Seahawks are the anti-Chargers. If there is a way to make a game close, Seattle will do it. And then they’ll win it. 

And if that game is in primetime, look out. Because they are 29-5-1 in primetime games under Carroll. They’re 19-2 at home in primetime. When the lights are bright, the Seahawks show up huge. And so do the 12s. 

I get it – for some of you, there may not be a more annoying group of fans than the 12s. Even the nickname bothers you. And you might not like Pete Carroll or Russell Wilson. That’s fine. You don’t have to like them, but you better respect them. Because right now they’re tied for the best record in the league, they own first place in their division, and the road to the NFC West title goes through their yard. 

What I’m saying is: if you’ve been sleeping on Seattle, you should stop. And if you’re annoyed by Seattle, it’s probably going to get even worse for you, because they can play even better. And you’re going to be seeing Peter chomping, receivers dancing, Russ leading, and 12s screaming. Get used to it.

Because these Hawks have a shot at hosting a few playoff games there.

Really, the NFC playoff push for home field advantage is going to be freaking epic. You have 3 teams now, the Hawks, the Saints and the Niners all at 10-2. You got New Orleans hosting San Fran this Sunday. The Niners end their season at the 12’s.

Who ya got?? Who Dat? San Fran, or the 12’s?? Get your asses in here….  Even you Packer fan… you guy are sitting at 9-3 and have a nice ass schedule ahead.

December is setting up nicely for the Shield.