Ben DiNucci Has Been Kicked To The Curb

Such BS.

Jim Rome
November 04, 2020 - 9:13 am
Ben DiNucci

USA Today


The Dallas Cowboys quarterback situation has gone from Dak Prescott playing at a record-setting level to Andy Dalton playing below an Andy Dalton level to Ben DiNucci playing at Ben DiNucci’s level. I mean, I really have no way of gauging how Ben DiNucci played on Sunday night against the Eagles.

Like, it wasn’t impressive. At all. But compared to what? Maybe for DiNucci it was awesome. He might have been out there, playing out of his mind: playing out his ass: sure, he looked horrible, but for him, that might have been his moment ever; for all I know this dude walk off the field thinking he was Dak Prescott, Troy Aikman and Roger Staubach all rolled into one: how the hell would I know: because I don’t know Ben DiNucci: and the reason I don’t know Ben DiNucci, is because he’s Ben DiNucci. But I’ll tell you what I do know: I know the Cowboys have the most jacked up quarterback situation. And it’s getting even worse. 

Andy Dalton missed the Eagles game because of a concussion suffered when Jon Bostic nearly decapitated him in against Washington the week before.

And now Dalton’s going to miss this Sunday’s game against the Steelers. Can’t say I’m surprised. I am surprised that his dome is still attached to his shoulders after that hit. Like, that was straight sickening.

So if you told me he’d miss the next few weeks because of that shot, I wouldn’t be surprised. If you told me he’d miss the rest of the season because of that shot, that wouldn’t surprise me. If you told me he’d miss a chunk of the rest of his life because of that shot, I’d accept that. 

Except that’s not the official reason Dalton is going to miss the Pittsburgh game. The official reason is that he was placed on the reserve/Covid list.

Uh-oh. Dalton has started self-quarantining and the team is doing contact tracing, but so far, there have been no additional positive tests.

So with Dalton out, that means that Ben DiNucci is grabbing his bonnet, buckling up his chinstrap, and running out onto the field right? Ehhhh: the hell he is! Not when he has the likes of these two legends gunning for his reps: the legends that are Garrett Gilbert and Cooper Rush: Seriously, if. You’re Ben DiNucci, what’s worse than having to compete against the likes of Garrett Gilbert and Cooper Rush for the right to get back on the field.  Nothing right? Ehhhh! Wrong again. You know what’s worse than being Ben DiNucci and having to actually compete against Garrett Gilbert and Cooper Rush for the right to play this Sunday.  Being told by the team, you’re not even good enough to compete against Garrett Gilbert and Cooper Rush: being told, we’ve seen enough of your act and you’re not even good enough to compete against the fourth stringers and practice squaders, sit your ass down. 

Damn, that has to hurt. There is no way that doesn’t leave a mark. You get a chance to start an NFL game, an NFL game for the Dallas Cowboys no less, and after one game, they’re saying, dude you can’t even hold Garrett Gilbert or Cooper Rush’s jock: whoever the hell they are. 

Listen, in his defense: what the hell did Jerry Jones really expect from Ben DiNucci? He’s Ben DiNucci! A rookie, 7th rounder from James Madison, making his first NFL start. Of course, he got sacked four times, fumbled it twice, and one of them housed.  Seriously, what was Jerruh really expecting from this guy: apparently a helluva lot more; and he was disgusted by what he actually did receiving: get a load of this comment from the old man:

“I think that it was a lot for him. I think we certainly, as a team, paid the price to have him come in and under those circumstances. And that’s almost trite. It was frankly more than he could handle. I don’t know what you could have expected for somebody to come in under those circumstances.”

Dang Jerruh: look at you! Look at you saying “we certainly, as a team, paid the price to have him come in and under those circumstances.” Are you saying, man, that hurt us way more than it hurt him? Because it sure sounds like that.

One thing to bench the guy, but entirely another to kick in him the ass on the way out the door.

For the record, Gilbert has throw six passes in his NFL career. He has never started an NFL game and his biggest accomplishment as a professional football player was what he did for the Orlando Apollos in the Alliance of American Football.

And it’s not like Cooper Rush is even less accomplished. His NFL pass stat line is: 1-3-2. One for three for two yards.

That has to be a real kick in the junk for DiNucci. One thing not being able to beat out Andy Dalton. Another to not being able to beat out either Garrett Gilbert or Cooper Rush.  And still another to not even be allowed to try to beat out Garrett Gilbert or Cooper Rush!! Show me a bigger kick in the junk than that! They won’t even let you compete against a guy whose claim to fame was lining up under center for the Orlando Apollos in a league that no longer exists and some other dude with two career passing yards. 

How does that not rattle you: how does that no wreck you confidence: my dude will be in counseling for years after hearing that. 

Remember at the start of the season when everyone was saying the Cowboys had the best quarterback room in the league? Remember when they had Dak Prescott as their starter and Andy Dalton as their backup? You know, the best q.b. Room in the league this year: now they have the worst quarterback room in history. 

Now Dak is done for the year. Dalton is dealing with a concussion and the virus. Ben DiNucci has been kicked to the curb and you’re looking at starting Garrett Gilbert or Cooper Rush against the undefeated Pittsburgh Steelers. Good luck with that, fellas.  Never mind the scoreboard, if they can get through this game without anyone dying, consider that the biggest W ever.

This is a time for the coaching staff to really step up and scheme their way to victory. Too bad they are “totally unprepared. They don’t teach. They don’t have any sense of adjusting on the fly” and “they just aren’t good at their jobs.”

Looking at that quarterback depth chart and how that matches up with that Steelers defense, I’ve only got one thing to say. How ‘bout them Cowboys?!?