Ben Golliver

Washington Post NBA writer talks 2020-21 season, and more.

Jim Rome
May 04, 2021 - 10:33 am
Ben Golliver

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All Topics: His first book, Bubbleball being released | Process of writing the book | The bubble was for grinder | Bubble life was tough for him | Trying to get 10,000 steps in his isolated hotel room | Food in the bubble | Bubble food got better as the time went on | Milwaukee Bucks protest | JaVale McGee going fishing | Feels like the title is wide open this season

May 4th 2021

Feb 15th 2021

All Topics: Anthony Davis injury | Los Angeles Lakers have been on cruise control this season | KD’s injury | Brooklyn is the best team in the Eastern Conference | Philadelphia 76ers | Nobody can stop the Nets on offense | LaMelo Ball’s play | Ball is better than expected


Oct 5th 2020

All Topics: 2020 NBA Finals | Jimmy Butler’s Game 3 performance | Jimmy being sick and tired of losing to LeBron James | The Miami Heat culture | Had his plane ticket out of bubble already booked before Jimmy Butler went off in Game 3 | Lakers not playing well in Game 3 | Health of Bam Adebayo and Goran Dragic | 76ers hiring Doc Rivers | Clippers head coaching vacancy


Sept 11th 2020

All Topics: Author of Bubbleball | Lakers vs. Rockets, Game 4 | Rockets looked broken in Game 4 | Daniel House Jr. investigation | Thoughts on how the NBA has handled the House investigation | LeBron last night vs. Rockets | Raptors vs. Celtics, Game 7 tonight | Leaning towards Celtics winning Game 7


July 20th 2020

All Topics: Living in the NBA Bubble | 7 day quarantine when first arriving in the bubble | Walking miles in his room | First getting outside the bubble was incredible | COVID testing | Food | Rules in place | Tip line | Care packages from the Clones | Zion Williamson leaving the bubble for a family matter | LeBron


June 25th 2020

All Topics: COVID case count in Florida rising since the NBA announced they will continue their season there | Scary situation for the NBA right now | Players blowing off steam | NBA’s approach on handling positive COVID-19 cases once the season starts back up | Avery Bradley not playing in Florida | Lou Williams contemplating not playing in Orlando | Dwight Howard | Davis Bertans | Thinks the basketball will be ugly when they start back up |


May 19th 2020

All Topics: COVID-19 | No NBA right now | The Last Dance documentary | Big Michael Jordan fan growing up | MJ on his one-year deal theory after the 97-98 season | The downfall of the Chicago Bulls dynasty | The way Scottie Pippen was viewed in the documentary | Jerry Krause didn’t come off well in the documentary but was a great GM | The poisoned pizza theory from MJ


Feb 6th 2020

All Topics: Being elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame | His HOF announcement party | Never wanting to make a case for himself for getting into HOF | Days at the U | Being a role model | Guys he looked up to at the U | Walter Payton fan | Relationship with Peyton Manning |


Jan 23rd 2020

All Topics: Zion’s NBA debut | Has been in attendance at two of Zion’s games before last night that didn’t go well for the big guy | Expectations for Zion last night | Pelicans being extremely cautious with Zion on his minutes | Zion’s recovery from his knee injury | Zion needs to get into better shape | How to play Zion | Zion’s power | Pelicans fight to make the Western Conference

Oct 22nd 2019

All Topics: Zion Williamson’s meniscus surgery | NBA losing ratings over Zion injury | Zion’s game transitioning to the NBA | Zion would have helped Team USA last summer | Klay Thompson’s injury | Clippers vs. Lakers, tonight at Staples | LeBron and Anthony Davis’ game | Utah Jazz off-season moves |


April 29th 2019

All Topics: Rockets complaining about the refs | Safe landing spot rule | Warriors vulnerability | Celtics stopping Giannis | Damian Lillard | 


4/29/2019 - Ben Golliver