Ben Mezrich


Ben Mezrich

The author joined Jim in studio to discuss his latest book, Bitcoin Billionaires.

June 27, 2019 - 12:01 pm

Info & Stats: Author, Bitcoin Billionaires: A True Story of Genius, Betrayal, and Redemption

All Topics: Latest book, Bitcoin Billionaires | Response from his appearance on the show and launching the book | Bitcoin has exploded | Explains what Bitcoin is | Bitcoin’s explosion lately | Facebook creating currency, Libra | Mark Zuckerberg having it out for the Winklevoss twins | Zuckerberg’s secret IM about having everyone’s data while in college | Digital money | Cryptocurrency | Big whales of Bitcoin | Future of Bitcoin |

June 27th 2019

May 22nd 2019

All Topics: Jungle Icon, In studio | New book, Bitcoin Billionaires | Love and loyalty for the Clones | Background of the book | Winklevoss Twins | Don’t think the Social Network portrayed the Winklevoss Twins correctly | History with the Winklevoss Twins | Winklevoss Twins hatred for Mark Zuckerberg | Winklevoss Twins becoming the first Bitcoin Billionaires | Seeing the twins in a different light | Explains Bitcoin | Power of Bitcoin | Phone calls | His life | Looking for Toby In Houston |