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Better Kill These Cats While You Can

I’m not going to say I told you so.

May 03, 2018 - 10:10 am

I’m not going to say I told you so. Yes I will. I tried you tell you that Quin Snyder doesn’t get nearly enough credit as a head coach. That Rudy Gobert is a game-altering big. And that Donovan Mitchell is Donovan Mitchell. I tried to warn you that the Utah Jazz are for real, but you wouldn’t listen. Or at least the Houston Rockets wouldn’t listen. 

Because after winning Game 1, Houston napped it out for the first 18 minutes of Game 2. And Utah did what Utah will do if you sleep on them – they dominated. The first quarter and a half last night was a clinic administered by every guy in a Jazz jersey. They got up by 19 and were making a Houston team with two Hall of Famers look like also-rans.

But then Donovan Mitchell went to the bench with foul trouble and then James Harden arrived at the arena. I mean, he’d been there all along, but then he took over. And he started landing shots like Sugar Ray Leonard. And when the flurry was over, he had 17 points in the quarter and Houston was within 9 at halftime. 

And Houston kept it up in the third quarter and ripped the lead back from Utah with a run that was punctuated by this filth from Harden.

I’m not sure what’s better: the dunk or his signature, mysterious post-dunk celebration. Tie for first. 

And that was the moment it was supposed to be over. Houston had the lead and they were at home. They were the best team in the regular season. Utah had put up a nice effort, but it wasn’t to be. Body bag em, toe tag em, and thank em for coming, because they’re not beating Houston four times in five games.


Because Utah isn’t built that way. They aren’t wired to show up and then give up. They should’ve been dead then, but they weren’t. These dudes are no joke. And the Rockets should have known that. So how do you respond to a filthy dunk like that from James Harden?

With an even filthier dunk from Donovan Mitchell. And the only thing better than this nastiness from Donovan Mitchell is Kevin Harlan on the mic. And the audio of Mitchell on the replays. ROLL IT!

Holy crap. Freaking disgusting. That’s a dunk contest dunk. And Mitchell dropped it in the fourth quarter of a 4-point road playoff game.

And is it just me, or is Kevin Harlan on the call for every nasty dunk and great moment in NBA history? Check that, for every great moment in sports history. 

And the only thing better than Harlan’s call of Mitchell’s dunk was Mitchell’s explanation of Mitchell’s dunk.

That is a truly legendary description. "I just happened to be up there, so I figured why come down with it?" Sure. Why not? I'm up here, might as well dunk. Like, I just happened to be floating by, so I figured I’d throw it down. 

Like he just happened to be in the neighborhood. Like he was on his way home from work and figured he just stop off at the store for some milk. Except instead of coming home from work, he was just levitating in the air, and instead of stopping off for milk, he was throwing down a ridiculous dunk. 

But don’t be fooled. The Utah Jazz aren’t just about Donovan Mitchell dunks. The truth is, that wasn’t Mitchell’s best shooting game ever. In fact, it was really rough. And yet he was still a huge presence. And Joe Ingles was doing what Joe Ingles does – draining threes and then getting in dudes faces. 

Houston may have thought they had this series won after Game 1. They didn’t. And now they’ve got a fight on their hands. And you don’t want a fight with the Jazz. Just ask the Thunder – you can track them down on the driving range or the first tee. If you don’t stomp on their head while they’re down, they’ll get up and punch you in the face. And that’s what happened to the Rockets last night. Not dead, can’t quit. Better kill these cats while you can. Because that zombie just keeps coming.