Betting On The Weather

This was a weird weekend.

Jim Rome
March 16, 2020 - 12:01 pm

USA Today


This was a weird weekend. A weekend where the freest country on earth collectively decided to stay inside and bunker down and isolate. And it was the right thing to do. And still is for the near future. AND these past few days were the first time that it felt like folks were finally taking the threat of COVID 19 as seriously as it should be taken.  And if you didn’t feel it—then you were either asleep all weekend or in some dangerous state of denial.

All you had to do was turn on TV. Because where there would usually be conference tournament games and the final two rounds of THE PLAYERS—you had replays of each. And the absence of sports in the world truly became apparent. And the absence of sports means the absence of a lot of things including sports gambling. 

No matter where you come out on gambling and its place in society—there’s no denying its massive footprint in the economy. The USA Today published an article over the weekend about how sportsbooks write more tickets during March Madness than they do during the Super Bowl. And what the loss of the tournament means for their business. According to that same USA Today article, Vegas sportsbooks are now taking action on events they previously didn’t. Like Brazilian UFC, Mexican league soccer, and Australian rules football and Australian rugby. 

If none of those seem like your speed—fear not. There’s something else you can bet that we’re all familiar with—the weather.

That’s right. You can gamble on the weather. And not only can you—but people already are. And it was a thing this weekend and probably will be for the short term future while we wait out the virus.

The most popular website to throw down on temperatures and precipitation is Bet on Weather. The home page reads, “Think you know the weather better than your local meteorologist? Put your money where your mouth is and bet on the projected high and low temperature for that day for the city you live in.”

You hear that Dallas Raines? You got that Fritz Coleman? Are you listening Jim Cantore? The American gambler is coming—for you! There’s beating your bookie and then there’s beating your local weatherman. And how many of us have always wanted to beat our local weatherman?

The Bet on Weather website offers five betting options; temperature lines, season weather lines, precipitation lines, international weather lines, and live weather. So if you’re better at predicting rain than you are predicting temperatures, you can try to corner that market. 

Is this a pathetic way to pass time and spend money? Hell freaking no it’s not. Have you ever been to a craps table and seen people literally gambling on how on a stranger rolls dice? Or seen a roulette ball bouncing around a wheel? Gambling is gambling. And right now the weather isn’t suspended. In fact, it’s pretty much the only thing we can count on. If James Kelley can sit here and tell an audience how to pick the XFL then I’ve got no problem with anyone throwing down on mercury rising. 

In fact—I might have the Deck in here on Friday picking the over/under on 66 degrees as the projected high for Los Angeles. There’s also a 20% chance of rain which means you can get 5 to 1 odds if you think the clouds are gonna open up and do their thing. 

Pathetic? Sounds awesome. 

If you can’t beat your bookie right now—might as beat Amy Freeze and Al Roker and Topper Shutt.

Because let’s be real: What the hell else are you gonna do?

Imagine going into the office tomorrow and telling your boys—from a safe six foot distance, of course—that you had sunshine +700 and hit it big. And then parlayed that with shattered showers at 10 to 1 in a neighboring state. 

In times like these you have to make the best of a bad situation. And if it’s gonna rain where you live, might as well get paid off it