Big Papi On Astros Cheating Scandal

David, chillax on everything, because you aren’t making any sense at all.

Jim Rome
February 21, 2020 - 9:56 am
David Ortiz

USA Today


Another day and another guy weighing in on Rob Manfred and the Houston Astros. This time it was David Ortiz. And if you know Big Papi, you know he was digging in, swinging out his ass. Digging in and taking some big cuts. Starting with the commissioner.

If Mike Trout is jumping in, if Justin Turner is saying things like “At this point the only thing devaluing that trophy is that it says 'commissioner' on it." And Jon Lester is calling the commissioner "someone that has never played our game.” And LeBron James is tweeting “Listen here baseball commissioner” then you know David Ortiz is going to have something good.

Let it rip, Papi. What do you think about the commissioner? And don’t hold back. Given how he’s handled this entire situation and what he has said recently, he has literally all of this coming to him; so do what you do, Papi, and lay this sucker. Papi, you just spent 30 minutes at the back rack, selecting your weapon; now it’s time to swing it. What do ya got, big dawg?  Quote: “I feel bad for him because people are asking questions like he was started the bleep up. I see players trying to tell him what he needs to do. Hey, he don’t tell you how to hit or how to pitch. So let him do his job. He’s going to do what is best for the game.”

Whoa – the record scratch of a lifetime. 

David Ortiz rushing in to defend the commissioner, when every other player is looking to destroy him? That’s weird. Really weird. And not the good kind of weird. And it only get even weirder as he continued to talk. He went on to say: “He’s good at making decisions but people need to chillax. People need to let him do his job. Players need to let him do what he thinks is better for the game and for everything else. Stop putting him on the spot and telling him what to do.”

I need your help on this one: I recently had a pretty nasty ear infection: true is, I really could hear anything at all for the better part of two weeks, so yes, I do need your help here: but did this David Ortiz just tell everyone to “chillax”? In the year 2020, someone just used the word “chillax” and used it in reference to the commissioner of baseball? What, “as if” and “not!” didn’t’ want any of that?

Hey, dudes, back off the commissioner, he’s the bomb dot com.

The commish is balling! He’s doing some sick things and it’s about time you got on board the fresh train with him.

I’m not sure what’s more absurd – someone using the word chillax in 2020 or someone defending the commissioner in 2020? Or someone defending the commissioner in 2020 by teling the entire world to CHILLAX. One of the most disappointing takes ever, big fella. 

And how about the idea that people shouldn’t be “putting him on the spot and telling him what to do.” David, with respect, when you’re the commissioner, you’re always on the spot. That’s your job: that’s what you sign up for. And you shouldn’t need people telling you what to do.

And the only reason people are telling him what to do now is because he doesn’t know what the hell he’s doing. He’s running around, having press conferences, and doing interviews, and making the whole thing worse. He mishandled the entire situation from the jump, then made it even worse by misreading the entire mood of the sport and reducing the world series trophy to quote, “a piece of metal.”

People are telling him what to do because he’s made a bad situation worse. And they’re pissed off about it.

But Papi wasn’t done; in fact, unfortunately, he was just getting started:  "The commissioner Manfred has been legit since day one and I don't think it's fair for everyone pitching him questions and blaming him on things.”

Legit since day one? What!??!?? And it’s not fair to question him and blame him? Are you kidding me with that??!?? The commissioner couldn’t have butchered this any worse than he has.  Of course, he should be questioned and blamed. No, he wasn’t the one cheating, but he was the one in charge of investigating it and communicating about it and he jacked all of that up. The hell are you talking about, Papi?? Are we talking about the same guy? The same sport? The same cheating scandal?

Such an incredibly strange take from Ortiz. 

And yes, I know that the commissioner had Ortiz’s back when he retired and said that the 2003 PED survey results should not be considered when it comes to Hall of Fame voting and I’m guessing that maybe Ortiz really appreciated that and wants to have the commissioner’s back now. Or it could be a matter of Ortiz trying to butter up the commissioner before the league releases the results of the investigation into the Red Sox.

Or it could just be a really weird take from Ortiz, because he had a number of those, like this one on Mike Fiers.

So the commissioner is doing a good job and Fiers is a snitch? Are we in bizarro world?

Let me read part of that back to you: “after you make your money, after you get your ring, you decide to talk about it. Why don't you talk about it during the season when it was going on? Why didn't you say, 'I don't want to be no part of it? So you look like you're a snitch.”

That is one hell of a take. Of all the villains in this story, Mike Fiers isn’t one of them. You might not like him personally, but he’s not the bad guy here.

He’s not a snitch. You’re confusing snitch with whistleblower: they’re not one and the same. Whistleblowers are actually good things. They shed light on serious problems. They’re the ones with the courage to step forward. They’re the ones who draw attention to what happened. If Mike Fiers didn’t say anything, there would not have been this investigation into the Astros and we wouldn’t have learned what happened. And they’d still be cheating and there will still be a completely unlevel playing field. 

Would that be better? Would that be a good thing? I know it would be for the Astros, but would it be a good thing for every other team and for the sport in general?

The only people who call other people snitches are people with something to hide.

If Ortiz’s beef is with the timing of it, and the fact that Fiers didn’t say anything while he was with the team, and only said it afterwards, then his beef is also with the entire Astros team who never said anything. And all of the former Astros who went to other teams and never said anything.

And it also raises the question, if Ortiz is such a huge proponent of guys speaking out when a problem is happening, where was Ortiz speaking out during the PED era? Because I don’t recall that.

I hate that I have to do this, but I’m about to bring in Jose Canseco, of all people, as the voice of reason on this one, quote, Mike Fiers, the truth is never wrong no matter when you say’s never too late for the truth...Big Papi, I am a fan since the first time I met you in Minnesota but get off this kid, you made it through the PED era...

Jose is right. Fiers is not a snitch. He’s a whistleblower who told the truth and blew the lid off a massive cheating scandal. There are a lot of bad guys here, but Fiers isn’t one of them. Just chillax on him. In fact, David, chillax on everything, because you aren’t making any sense at all.