Big Play Slay Headed To Philly

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Jim Rome
March 19, 2020 - 10:25 am
Darius Slay

USA Today


It’s kind of ridiculous to declare a division champion in the NFL in March. Free agency isn’t finished. The regular season is almost six months away, the draft is a month away, and yet, on March 19th, 2020, I am going to just go ahead and declare the Philadelphia Eagles the 2020 NFC East Champs.

Yeah, I said it. Because this morning, came the news that Philadelphia had acquired All-Pro corner Darius Slay in a trade with the Detroit Lions.

I know it’s not really going out on a limb to give the Eagles the 2020 crown in March. That is not my boldest prediction ever.

The Eagles were already the best team in that division. There was no doubt about that. Two of the other teams in that division, New York and Washington, are in total rebuild mode. And the other team, Dallas, is also bringing in a new coach fresh off a sleepover with Jerry Jones in an offseason where it’s completely unclear what the offseason will look like and how much time teams will have to prepare for the regular season.

Meanwhile, the Eagles are the defending division champs and then went out to get Javon Hargrave from Pittsburgh and Darius Slay. As Daniel Jeremiah talked about earlier this week, loading up on the defensive line is where it’s at right now, and the Eagles are loaded. Now that you have that beast up front and Big Play Slay in the back, you can forget about it

The official details of the trade are as follows: Darius Slay to Philadelphia in exchange for the 85th pick and the 116th pick overall in this year’s draft. And at the completion of the trade, Slay and the Eagles are expected to agree on a three-year extension worth 50 million, with 30 million guaranteed.

Such a good move for Philadelphia. Their secondary was a bit of an issue last year. Hell, you could see that in the first half of the first game of the season when Case Keenum was lighting them up.

And there are few better ways to address that than by bringing in Darius Slay. Hear this about Darius Slay, just because you might not know a ton about him, doesn’t mean he’s not good. It just means he’s been playing in Detroit.

And I hate to say this, Detroit, you know how much I love you and how much you mean to this show, but lately, playing in Detroit has meant playing in Football Siberia.

But just because Slay was off the football map doesn’t mean he’s not a stud. He is. All-Pro. Three-time Pro Bowl selection. He’s got the game and he’s got a personality to back it up.

Are you telling me you don’t want that guy in your locker room and on your team? I do. But the Lions apparently didn’t. Apparently they didn’t want to pay him what he was going to be owed and once that was clear, Slay wanted out. Understandably.

And he made it clear. Like just yesterday when Adam Schefter tweeted that Detroit signed former Falcons corner Desmond Truffant, Slay retweeted it with this:

Congrats to my guy!!!! Hope that speeds up my trade process!!

That is awesome. Congrats to you on coming here. Now maybe I can get the hell out of here.

And Slay wasn’t done.

A beat writer for mlive tweeted: Darius Slay and Desmond Trufant would be a fun tandem to watch, but I just don't see it happening. The Lions want to deal Slay.

And Slay retweeted that with they need to hurry it up.

I’ve never seen a guy so eager to get out of a city before. He was practically engineering the trade himself.

And here is the other thing with Slay. He is not a darling of the analytics crowd. PFF tweeted this morning Darius Slay: PFF coverage grade of 77+ in 4 of the past 5 seasons

Tyrann Mathieu jumped in and responded: Sorry my guys, he is not the 83rd best CB. That is a lie that some will believe. Hashtag Watch The Tape he play man to man every down, even when he shouldn’t, he manned up. Tough duty, only 1% of the works can do.

Joe Haden saw that PFF tweet too: This is just Stupid! All I do is watch wide receiver and corner back tape!!!  In my humble opinion slay is top 5 easily. It’s a different world playing PRESS on a team’s #1 wideout each week. BAG MAN!!!

Deion Sanders tweeted that Slay “is a grown man out there on that island. He matches up with the opposing teams #1 rec and competes each & every play. The boy makes plays & I approve this CORNER! #Truth

That is game respecting game. That is guys who know the position talking about the position and paying their respect to Big Play Slay. You may not know just how good he is, but his peers do. And you’re about to find out.  

And when the details of the contract came out, Tyrann was back: Slay just got a nice deal.

He did get a nice deal. He got his wish, he got a nice deal, and he could not have ended up in a better spot that Philly. Now he’s going to be on the big stage, playing in playoff games, and getting a chance to show the world just how good he is. Big play slay, just had himself a big freaking day.  And he earned it.