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Blame Game Over KD's Injury

Twitter gangsters, the tough guys behind a keyboard, have been replaced by Twitter doctors.

June 12, 2019 - 9:43 am

According to reports, Kevin Durant flew to New York yesterday for an MRI and the expectation is that the MRI will reveal an Achilles tear. The expectation is that the Warriors will announce that news today.

And while that’s going, another story keeps going and that is the one of who to blame for the injury. Actually, the scope of the injury wasn’t even known before hot-take nation came flying in to blame the Warriors organization or medical staff or some combination of the two.

Twitter gangsters, the tough guys behind a keyboard, have been replaced by Twitter doctors, who didn’t even go to the trouble of printing off a fake medical degree to slap on their wall before speculating furiously about medical details that we don’t know and may never know.

Don’t get me wrong, there are actual doctors who have twitter accounts and can provide useful information about injuries, but even those observations are based on watching video on a phone or computer from thousands of miles away.

But a lot of the alleged Twitter doctors are claiming that they know something the Warriors and Durant himself either didn’t know or hid. Or that the Warriors and the media pressured him to play by talking initially about how the Warriors might be better without him, and how some of his teammates were frustrated that he hadn’t come back, and that nobody knew when he was coming back.

All of which would imply that Kevin Durant, a two-time Finals MVP, wasn’t trying to get back on the floor for the Finals. That one of the most competitive guys to ever walk the planet thought to himself, for who, for what. And that team had to convince him to play.

Or even worse, trick or bully him into playing.

Yeah…that doesn’t work for me. And as I said yesterday, if he didn’t play in these Finals and the Warriors lost in five, what kind of heat would Durant be taking right now for not even trying? And how much of it would be from same idiots ripping the team for allowing him to play or encouraging him to play.

The same people who are rushing in to claim that he got screwed would be the first ones to question his competitiveness and his desire. They’d be challenging his toughness and his heart, his willingness to lay his body on the line, and to be a good teammate. They’d be spewing garbage like: see, he was never really been a Warrior. He was just gravy-training them to a couple of rings and then bouncing for something else. A real competitor would’ve gone out there, would’ve risked his body for another ring.

Everyone who’s claiming to be on Team KD right now by blaming the team or the doctors for his injury after he did play, would’ve had an extremely high tolerance for his pain if he didn’t play.

And now that same crowd now is saying that the Warriors pushed him back out there and pressured him to play, or that they should’ve held him back and protected him from himself.

Unlike all these twitter MD’s who have no idea what the hell they’re talking about, NFL’ER Richard Sherman, who is no stranger to an Achilles injury, does…and he took to Twitter to share his own  thoughts:

It really frustrates me listening to current and former players act like anyone could have kept KD from playing last night. Every single athlete worth their weight, dreams of playing in the Championship game of their sport and most of us are making that same decision! #Stop The BS

I don’t know what really went down and everything that happened: I don’t know what the team told him or didn’t tell him, but what Sherman says, makes a helluva lot of sense: That wasn’t some mid-week game in January. That’s Game 5 of the NBA Finals. Those are the moments that a competitor like Durant lives for. He loves the game of basketball, he loves competing, he loves winning; and he’s in it to stack titles… of course he wants to be out there and would do anything to be out there. And especially to be there for his teammates, the same guys, that so many of these idiots say he doesn’t care about. That’s pretty rich: killing a guy for not caring enough about his teammates even though you’ve never spent a single second around them or spoken to any of them. 

But back to Sherm, because he wasn’t through: We fully know our bodies and what we are risking especially at the professional level. I am sure there were attempts to persuade him to continue to wait. He’s built different than the people saying he shouldn’t have played. Maybe that’s why they haven’t gotten where he is.

Respect the man’s heart and sacrifice. Appreciate what he tried to do for his team. @kdtrey5 keep your head up brother! Takes a warrior to go out there knowing what you knew. #respect coming from someone who knows personally how that felt.

Nothing but respect, for Durant and for Sherman spelling it out like that.

Look, I get it. The situation sucks. It is awful to watch anyone get injured, especially THAT guy suffering THAT injury in THAT moment. It really sucks to see him get hurt and to know that we might go a year without seeing him. 

But at the same time, all of you riding for him right now, all of you claiming to have his back, and repping him so hard, exactly what are you so upset about? You’re not the one who needs surgery: you’re not the one who will probably be out a year: you’re not the one doing the painful, lonely rehab; why the hell are you so worked up. None of this happened to you.

We can argue about whether or not Durant should have been out there; although Richard Sherman would argue that any world class athlete worth his weight, would have been.  But, we can argue about whether or not he should have been out there; just don’t go looking to blame one person or one entity for him doing it. Because you can’t. There was a set of circumstance and a confluence of events that put him on the floor. Oh and one big thing: he wanted to. And at the end of the day, if he didn’t want be out there, he wouldn’t have been out there. They can clear him to play, but they can’t MAKE him play. Maybe he took all the information he was given, considered the risks and ULTIMATELY DECIDED, let’s do this, I’m ready. Yes, he gambled, and ultimately crapped out. And it sucks. But so does blaming the GM or the coach or the organization for it happening.

Because there is plenty of blame to go around. Or really, maybe not at all. Maybe this is a world class athlete doing what world class athletes do: whatever they possibly can to get back in the fight and try to win a world championship. And I respect the hell out of him for giving it a shot. And that should end all questions about his competitiveness, whether or not he loves his teammates and if he was doing everything he could to rejoin them.  Because clearly he was. And he was out there because he wanted to be. I’m not saying the team handled it perfectly. I am saying that teams would not mislead or trick a guy like that into playing, because they were on the verge of losing and knew he was going to bounce on them this summer. I can’t say that. And unless you were there in the facility for all those discussions and meeting with their team doctors instead of JUST pretending to be one online, you can say it either.