The Blues Freaking Earned It

Absolutely Epic Game 7

Jim Rome
May 08, 2019 - 11:36 am
Patrick Maroon

USA Today


While the two NBA playoff games last night were decided by an average of 31 points, Lord Stanley had something entirely different dialed up. 

Freaking Gridlock. 

Game Seven. The Stanley Cup Playoffs. Stars and Blues. A series so evenly matched that three periods of Game 7 hockey weren't enough. We needed overtime. Hell, we needed DOU-BLE Overtime. 

Let's be real: This series might not have had the buzz of some of the other series. But it did have the drama. Heading into Game 7, this one wasn't just knotted at 3 games. It was knotted at 16 goals a piece. 

Big D and The Lou traded wins in St Louis in Games 1 and 2. Then they traded wins in Dallas in Games 3 and 4. The Stars went into the Blues house and won Game 5. The Blues went into the Stars house and won Game 6. 

And it all set up for an absolutely epic Game 7. 

For a minute, it looked like we were going to get a high voltage Game 7. Both teams came out of the gates flying. Both teams had point blank chances. 

Then The Lou drew First Blood

That was a WICKEDLY TALENTED wrister from the blue line by Vince Dunn that somehow weaved its way through a couple bodies and into the back of the net.  

The Barn was rocking. St Louis was rolling. Until the Stars answered less than two and a half minutes later. 

I know it's not how, but how many. But damn, how freaking fluky was that goal?  One minute, the Blues have a breakaway and nearly make it 2-0. Then like 30 seconds later, the puck bounces off a ref's skate, a Blues defenseman wipes out on the goalie stick, and Game 7 is tied at 1.  

And one more thing: How the hell is Ben Bishop doing what he's doing? And how the hell do you beat this guy?

1 to 1 stayed 1-to-1. Even though the Blues outshot Dallas 17-to-1 in the second period. Even though the St Louis more than doubled-up the Stars in shots at the end of regulation. Even though St Louis fired bullet after bullet at the brick wall behind the pipes for Big D and the Bish never blinked. 

This is a dude who took a slap shot straight off the collarbone in the third period of Game 6. When that puck hit him it looked like the dude was dead, right there on the ice. And then last night, he looked like Neo from The Matrix-- turning back wave after wave from the Blues. And never once blinking.  

St. Louis tipped the freaking ice. They were dominating play. And the way Bishop was playing, it felt like it was just a matter of time before Dallas got a chance to steal that game.  

Until The Big Rig lit the lamp. 

5 minutes and 50 seconds into DOU-BLE Overtime. The fifth period of the night. Almost 90 minutes of non-stop action. Ben Bishop was 52 saves into his historic evening when Patty Maroon, The Big Rig, finally had enough. It was time to send everybody home happy. 

19-year-old rookie Robert Thomas did the dangling. And The Big Rig did the cleanup. 

Look, Ben Bishop didn't deserve to lose. But the Blues definitely deserved to win. No NHL team had lost a Game 7 in OT when they put 50+ shots on net in the last 24 years. And the Blues weren't about to change that trend. 

The Stars had their chances in OT. The Stars almost stole that game twice in OT, but Jordan Binnington came up big. And then The Big Rig did his thing and put The Lou into the Final Four. 

Game Seven. Dou-ble OT. One hometown hero finally gets a puck past another hometown hero. And I hope somebody got the Big Rig a bucket of Bud Diesel for his efforts. Because the Blues freaking earned that one the hard way.