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Bob Myers

The Golden State general manager talks SI honor, Steph, and more.

December 10, 2018 - 12:15 pm

Info & Stats: Golden State Warriors General Manager

All Topics: Missing his San Quention Jail annual basketball run | The team being named SI’s Sportsperson Of The Year | Team first | Draymond Green and Kevin Durant getting into it | Overcoming human nature | Understanding Draymond | Draymond can’t handle losing | Kevin Durant’s competitiveness | Steph Curry’s influence on the game |

Dec 10th 2018

CBS Sports Network Interview Highlight

May 30th 2018


All Topics: Eve of NBA Finals | LeBron James | Coming off of a tough series vs. Houston | Game 4 vs. Houston | Adversity | Draymond Green | Energy of the hunted | Players are still connected | Steve Kerr | Kerr wants to coach for a long time | Coaching seems to be Kerr’s calling | The community is what matters

CBS Sports Network Interview Highlight

May 3rd 2018

All Topics: San Quentin trip | Steph Curry’s first game back | Steph first game back was incredible | Steve Kerr | Draymond Green’s competiveness | Turning the playoff switch | NBA Finals wins and losses |

CBS Sports Network Interview Highlight