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Bob vs. TMZ

Another day and another update on Bob Kraft.

February 27, 2019 - 10:11 am

Another day and another update on Bob Kraft. There are the details behind the investigation. Reports that it started last year when someone spotted suitcases at the spa. And then a health inspector in November reported seeing two rooms with beds, sheets, and pillows, as well as dressers that contained clothing and medicine. Authorities believe that information was consistent with human trafficking. 

According to CNN, that led investigators to get more involved and start looking in the dumpster behind the spa. And on those expeditions, they reportedly found a ledger, credit card receipts, and other items that would be consistent with the activities that have been alleged in the spa. And if you don’t know what that might be, either use your imagination or use google, just know that you won’t be hearing it from me.

At the same time, as this story unfolds, we’re still waiting on details of the trafficking involved. As previously mentioned, a lot of times, that’s a term that’s thrown around at the outset of a bust like this, it grabs headlines, and then fades away. So we are still waiting on that in this case.

And then there’s the news that everyone is waiting on. The video. No, the video did not come out. At least not yet. 

TMZ reports: “We spoke with the Palm Beach State Attorney's Office -- which is prosecuting the case -- and a spokesperson told us the only law enforcement agency currently in possession of the footage is the Jupiter P.D. So, we spoke with a rep for the JPD who told us, "It's not releasable right now ... nothing is going to be released anytime soon."

The only thing missing from the end of that sentence is “NOT IF WE HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH IT” in all caps with about a billion exclamation points. 

Because you know TMZ and a bunch of other outlets are working overtime to get their hands on the video of someone getting their hands on Bob. They want that video so badly you can practically hear their teeth grinding when they write that story. 

And TMZ does have a pretty good track record for getting videos that people don’t want them to get. Just ask Ray Rice and Kareem Hunt, for starters. So you have to like their odds of getting it.

But there’s a plot twist here. Unlike the Rice and Hunt videos, where there were people who probably didn’t want them to get out, in this case there is one particular someone who REALLY doesn’t want them to get out. And that someone is Bob. 

In the Rice and Hunt videos, I’m sure that Rice and Hunt didn’t want the videos getting out. And their respective teams and the NFL sure didn’t seem to be knocking on every door and looking under every mattress to find them. 

And of course, TMZ eventually found them. 

But in this case, as hard as TMZ is going to work to get the video, there is someone who is going to work just as hard to make sure they don’t get it. So who gets it? T-M-Z or B-O-B? 

If it’s a matter of money, B-O-B. Because as much money as TMZ is willing to pay, Bob can always double it. 

But the thing is, the whole way everyone is talking about it is kind of deceiving. Our language around it is a little outdated. Yes, it’s video footage, but what we’re talking about is not a video. It’s probably not on a VHS tape.

So it’s not like the authorities can take that tape, put it in a vault, and then call it a day. Or take a sledgehammer to the tape when you don’t need it anymore. 

Just like it’s not like if someone wanted to copy the video, they’d take the VHS tape put it into one VCR then get another VCR and connect it with some cords, get a blank tape, and then copy it over. Or maybe you’re lucky and you find someone with a dual deck VCR so you can just do it all in one machine. 

If that was the case, if it was on a video tape, it would be a lot easier to keep this quiet and to keep it away from everyone. 

But what we’re talking about is a file folder. One that can be copied and transferred split seconds from now. Or someone can shoot it with their phone as it runs on a monitor.

Which means that if someone wants it to get out badly enough, if there is enough money for it to get out, or someone just wants to mess with Bob a little more, it will get out. And means that there will be a lot of money required to keep it away from everyone. 

And just remember what they’ll be battling over. They are battling over what effectively amounts to a porno involving a 77 year old dude. Good luck with that. Watching TMZ try to rip that porno out of that old billionaire’s hands is going to be awesome.