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A Boston Beatdown

Red Sox 14 Yankees 1

April 11, 2018 - 11:01 am

Good news, Yankee fans – Giancarlo Stanton went 2 for 4 last night at Fenway. Even better news - Aaron Judge went 3 for 4 and went yard. Stanton was in a strikeout-induced slump and Judge came into last night’s game hitting .086 in Boston and they went off. You get those two pieces of information and you’re thinking the Bronx Bombers went into Boston and handled business. Instead, they were on the business end of a Boston beatdown. Red Sox 14, Yankees 1. 

The Yankees were beaten by a pair of touchdowns, with a missed extra point, on a night where Stanton and Judge were a combined 5 for 8 with a home run. Good for them, horrible for the team. The big bats had a nice night and the team got a nice ass-kicking. 

It’s really easy and really tempting to make way too much out of a Yankees-Red Sox series. Or even one Yankees-Red Sox game, especially in April and if I’m the Yankees, I’m doing everything I can to remind everyone that we haven’t even reached tax day, so there’s no reason to panic. But remember when the Yankees brought in Stanton and Yankee fans started planning the World Series parade routes in December?

The Boston Red Sox probably do. And Mookie Betts probably does. Because while you were forgetting about the Red Sox, they appeared to be taking mental notes. And they came to unload last night. 

Hanley Ramirez: 2 for 2 with 3 RBI - BANG

Andrew Benintendi: 2 for 3 with 2 RBI - BANG

And Mookie Betts: 4 for 4 with five runs scored and a grand slam – BANG-BANG

Red Sox hitters were just teeing off, doing whatever they wanted, and the Yankees were unable to defend themselves. Literally. They gave up nine runs in the sixth, six of which were unearned.

And I repeat, that was on a night where Stanton and Judge actually hit well. Sure, Stanton struck out twice in his first two at-bats, but then he seemed to get his timing back and had a pair of hits. And Judge finally made some noise in Fenway. And it still wasn’t nearly enough. Boston’s big bats were bigger than New York’s big bats. 

From the moment Alex Cora took over as manager, he challenged Betts to be more aggressive in the leadoff spot and Betts has done just that, leading the majors in batting average, and being top ten in the American League in runs, stolen bases, OBP, SLG, OPS, OPP, TLC, and IGA. I just made up half of those abbreviations, but Betts has been so good, you probably didn’t even notice. 

And on top of Betts mashing, Chris Sale struck out 8 over six innings and allowed just one run. And they chase that with former CY Young winner David Price and former Cy Young winner Rick Porcello, two guys who have dominated Judge. 

Afterwards, the Yankees were left to talk about silver linings from better timing and better contact from their big guys. The Red Sox, on the other hand, were able to joke about Betts. As Chris Sale said, "I mean, at this point, it's almost not impressive. No, I'm just kidding. It's great. I think he was involved in nine runs, scored five and a grand slam. He just continues to be unbelievable."

Truth. And here’s another hard truth for Yankee fans: Boston’s only ten games into the season, but the Red Sox are 9-1, the best start in franchise history. Boston’s only ten games into the season, but they already have a four and a half game lead over the Yankees. I’m not saying it’s over. But that’s the point. 

It is not over in April. But back in December, Yankee fans couldn’t wait to tell you it was already over. Might as well just cancel the season. The team that went 7 games in the ALCS just added the NL MVP? Time for trophy 28. Maybe you get over .500 before you start talking rings.