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Brees And The Saints Look Good

If Rodgers v. Brady didn’t live up to the hype, Rams v. Saints most definitely did.

November 05, 2018 - 11:08 am

If Rodgers v. Brady didn’t live up to the hype, Rams v. Saints most definitely did.

If Rodgers v. Brady didn’t live up to the hype, Rams v. Saints most definitely did. 8-0 at 6-1 was awesome. And if you had any doubt that the New Orleans Saints are for real, you better get rid of that real quick. They’re good. Really good. Like maybe the team to beat in the NFC. That good. 

You shouldn’t have needed a 45-35 win over the Rams to learn that, but if you did, now you know. 

Rams vs. Saints was the battle of heavyweights that everyone hoped Rodgers v. Brady would be. It was that and then some. The two Sean’s, Payton and McVay, broke out everything. There were trick plays. Fake field goals. Going for it on fourth down. And putting up a hell of a lot of points.

You knew it was going to be a wild ride when Sean McVay went fake field goal in a 14-14 game early in the second quarter. Johnny Hekker came up just short on the run, but it was the right call. Because neither team was winning that game with field goals.

Here’s a recap of the Saints first half:







And they were up 35-17 at halftime. It was gut check time for the Rams and that check proved good. They’ve got guts. Because here’s the start of their second half:


Field goal


Two point conversion

Tie game

The Rams took a punch, tasted their own blood, and came firing right back. And it still wasn’t enough. The hole had been too big and the Saints are too good. 

And that’s because Drew Brees is too good. I tried to tell you all that as much credit as he gets, it’s still not enough, but maybe you’ll listen now. Or maybe you listen to Alvin Kamara who said:

"Drew is Mike Tyson in his prime, period."

Fact. Drew Brees is Mike Tyson in his prime. He and the Saints offense are not looking to go the distance and win on points. Brees and the Saints are not going to let it go to the judges’ scorecards. They are looking to knock you out and finish you. How else do you explain what the Saints did in the fourth quarter?

Just over four minutes left and a three-point lead against another explosive offense, the move should be to spin the clock. Play it conservative, stay away from the crushing mistake; and get the hell out of there with the biggest win of the season. Ehhhhh!! Not these guys. And not on. 3rd and 7 from their own 28. They’re looking to move the chains.  Or again, make sure you don’t make a soul crushing mistake in your own end and just run it, just concede the punt, to chew up more time. Ehhhh!! Wrong again. Because they did this:

That is Drew Brees and the Saints. That’s their approach. That’s their confidence. That’s their swagger. They’re going to stand in the middle of the ring and exchange haymakers.  And if they’re going down, they’re going down swinging, but lately, they aren’t going down. 

And no, Rams fans, don’t be tripping. And don’t be ripping your Ram flags off your cars or jumping off the bandwagon. You’re fine. They’re fine. Sure, their defense has some issues at the moment, but they showed a helluva grit in coming back the way they did.  But, yesterday wasn’t about them. It was about the Saints and it was about Drew Brees. 

And if you didn’t like Kamara’s Mike Tyson comparison, check Demario Davis comparing Brees to another Mike. He told Jim Trotter that giving Drew Brees the ball is “like getting the ball to Michael Jordan with the game on the line. Don’t worry about it. We’re in good hands.”

And if you had any doubt about their confidence and their attitude, check the Michael Thomas tribute to Joe Horn celebration. It was glorious.

My man was so committed to that re-enactment, he didn’t break out a Droid or even an iPhone 3. He went full-on flip phone that he said he found in a hole-in-the wall convenience store. Make that two full-on flip phones, because he said after the game that he had one under each goal post. Now that’s preparation. 

Sean Payton might not have loved the celebration, but the players did. Again, Demario Davis dropping knowledge: “I did not know the celebration was coming, but when he passed me the phone, I was like, 'Whoever is on here, that's a *bad* man, yes sir.’”

That is a bad man and that was a bad celebration, yes sir. 

And the originator, Joe Horn was overjoyed. He told the Times-Picayune: “When I saw him bring out that cellphone, I teared up. That’s something that some kids don’t do, to pay homage to an old soul. For him to do it on a national stage took a lot of courage. When I saw him bring out that cellphone, I teared up. I’m humbled.”

And Horn had something for Michael Strahan, who was critical of the celebration that drew a 15-yard flag at that point in the game: “Michael Strahan got four touchdowns scored on his ass, that’s why he didn’t like it.” Bam! That’s a hell of a callback to Horn’s 133-yard, four-touchdown night against the Giants back in the day. 

I know the argument against that celebration in that situation. But I can’t crack on it. That was a statement game and that was a statement celebration. And that statement is: the Saints are Super Bowl good. And if they maintain home field advantage throughout the playoffs, good luck to anyone trying to win in that joint. Because if you’ve got that dome, that crowd, that offense, and that quarterback, look the hell out.