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Browns Signing Kareem Hunt

Still not good with it.

February 12, 2019 - 12:20 pm

The news broke during the third hour of yesterday’s show and I’ve got to say, I’m still not good with it. Kareem Hunt signing with the Cleveland Browns. Kareem Hunt signing with MY Cleveland Browns. Yeah, I said it. This is my team. I don’t root, but back in the first week of October, I went on national television and declared the Cleveland Browns to be the new America’s Team. I had their back and then they had mine and beat the Ravens in overtime. 

I loved every move they were making. Bringing in Tyrod Taylor and Juice Landry. Drafting Baker Mayfield. Initially, I didn’t get the drafting of Denzel Ward, but damn I do now. That was one of the best picks in the first round last year. That’s on top of Myles Garrett, Jabrill Peppers, Nick Chubb, the list goes on. They are loaded with talent, they are a blast: must see TV:  they are America’s Team.  

And then came yesterday. 

And the announcement from the team that they had signed Kareem Hunt. To call it a buzzkill doesn’t do it justice. Because this is more serious than that.

Don’t get me wrong. I knew that some team was going to sign Kareem Hunt. That’s how the league works. If I had to guess, I would’ve said someone like Washington, because they’ve shown they have no problem grabbing a guy after he’s allegedly hurt a woman.  

I just didn’t think it would be the Cleveland Browns. Not these Cleveland Browns. Not the Cleveland Browns who already have Nick Chubb and Duke Johnson. Not the Cleveland Browns who have everything going for them. They didn’t need this. 

And frankly, I’m disappointed. I’m not surprised, because I knew someone would do it. I’m just disappointed that the Browns were the ones to do it. 

And if your reaction to the news is to immediate start thinking about what he brings to the Browns offense, do me a favor and take a good long look in the mirror. Might be time to start looking at your priorities and your values if you think that’s a good response to that piece of news.  

And yes, I know that John Dorsey has a relationship with Hunt that goes back to their time in Kansas City. And I know that Kareem Hunt is from Cleveland and I know the argument that coming back home should be good for him. And I know that Hunt issued a statement yesterday. 

Here's what else I know… time and time again, going back home HASN’T been good for players. There’s a list as long as my arm of guys who talked about how going back home would be the best thing for them, but going back to all those influences actually turned out to be the worst thing for them. 

Forget the list of other players, I have a video that would indicate that Cleveland might not be the best place for Hunt. You know, the video where he shoves and kicks a woman? That took place in Cleveland, so it’s kind of hard to say that going back to Cleveland is an awesome idea. 

And I’d have a much easier time believing that statement from Hunt if it came last February instead of this February. You know, last February when the assault took place. And then, if you believe his former employer, he lied to them about it for months until they released him in November. 

So as always, the question is: is he sorry for what happened or is he sorry that he got caught? And that the video came out? It sure seems like the latter.

Oh, and one other thing, actually two other things: in the wake of that video coming out, we learned about two other incidents where Hunt was allegedly involved in a fight. Including one at an Ohio resort in 2017. Again, is coming back to Ohio the best thing for him?

But about the video. The video that has him shoving a woman to the ground and kicking her as she was on the ground.

If your reaction to that video is to come in here today and say that he didn’t kick her very hard, do me a favor: don’t call. 

Don’t email. Don’t tweet. In fact, don’t listen to the show. I’m not in the business of telling people to not listen to my show, in fact, that’s bad for my business. 

But if you can watch a video of a man shoving and kicking a woman and say, well, he didn’t kick her that hard, I don’t want anything to do with you. I’d rather have no listeners than have listeners with that moronic reaction. 

I mean, there’s part of me that wants to say come on, do it. Email me, tweet me, call me tell me that he didn't kick her that hard. Go ahead and out yourself on nationally syndicated radio as being okay with domestic violence. 

But I don’t think I need it and I don’t really want to hear it. Because I’ve heard too much of it.  

And yes, now would be a very good time to point out that Kareem Hunt has a job and Colin Kaepernick doesn’t. And if you’re still at a point where you need help figuring out why that is completely insane and totally out of balance, I can’t help you. 

And yes, I know the argument about giving Hunt a second chance. That’s going to get a lot of run in the wake of this move. First off, the league hasn’t finished its investigation of him, so we don’t even know what we’re giving him a second chance for yet.

And here’s the other thing about the second chance argument – this isn’t about that. This is about a chance to sign a Pro Bowl running back at a discount. And if it doesn’t work out, they’ll quietly cut him. 

And if it does work out, people will forget about his past. That’s what they’re confident about. The Cleveland Browns are a football team. They aren’t a halfway house or a second chance facility. They are a football team. They are about winning. 

And like too many other teams in the league, they have a really weird view of domestic violence. Time and time again we’ve seen teams in this league get creative when it comes to excusing domestic violence. 

The real problem is that domestic violence doesn’t bother some teams enough. The real problem is that shoving and kicking a woman on video isn’t enough for a team to say, nah, not interested. 

I've said it before and I’ll say it again: what will it take for a team to not sign a player? Attempted murder? Actual murder? Just let us all know now so that we don’t have to pretend to be shocked later.