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Fox Sports college football reporter talks Freaks List.

Jim Rome
July 28, 2020 - 8:27 am

Info & Stats:  College Football Report For Fox Sports

All Topics: College Football’s reaction to all of the positive COVID tests on the Miami Marlins | Possible problems college football will face with playing during COVID pandemic | Athletes possibly doing online classes so they aren’t around students | Mental health component of COVID-19 | How some schools plan on practicing | Annual Freaks List is out | Freaks from the earlier days still stack up pretty well with today’s guys

July 28th 2020


All Topics: Reggie Bush piece | Bush and USC coming back together | Bush’s NFL career | USC drama weighing on Bush in his NFL career | Money Bush made USC while playing | Bush’s childhood | Iowa Hawkeyes football program | 2020 season

June 11th 2020


Sept 18th 2019

All Topics: USC freshman Kedon Slovis | Slovis’ struggle vs. BYU at times | USC vs. Utah this weekend | Clay Helton is coaching for his job at SC | Reggie Bush returning to the Coliseum this weekend for the first time since he left school | Michigan vs. Wisconsin | Lincoln Riley’s success at Oklahoma | Chip Kelly’s tenure at UCLA



Jan 18th 2019

All Topics: His article on the Alabama coaching staff | Where is Dan? | Dan Enos -Alabama situation | Enos bolting for Miami without telling Nick Saban | Alabama staff looking for Dan | Saban’s ability to overcome losing staff members | People who work under Saban | Saban not being authentic  


Nov 26th 2018

All Topics: LSU vs. Texas A&M going 7 OT’s and then a brawl afterwards | Ohio State dominating Michigan once again | Jim Harbaugh is 0-4 vs. Ohio State | Lynn Swann saying Clay Helton will be back next season at SC | Helton needing to make changes to his staff | Will coaches want to coach at SC with Helton on the hot seat | College Football Playoff | Ohio State vs. Oklahoma argument for playoff | Media landscape of today



Sept 14th 2018

All Topics: 2018 College Football Season | Oklahoma and Kyler Murray look good | Ohio State vs. TCU this weekend | Clemson | Clemson tough win at Texas A&M | Dabo Swinney handling his quarterback situation vs. Nick Saban | Vibe around Clemson | Tua Tagovailoa’s numbers | Tua’s upside | Ed Oliver | Defensive lineman in the country | USC vs. Stanford | JT Daniels struggling at Stanford | Texas vs. USC