Adam Hawk


Busy Couple Days At The Riv

The guy who represents this radio program is out there looking like a complete idiot.

February 18, 2019 - 11:03 am

It was a busy, busy couple of days at Riv this weekend. After it dumped rain all day Thursday, the Tour needed to march guys off both sides of the course -- from sun up to sun down -- and didn't stop until JB Holmes ran down Justin Thomas late Sunday afternoon to win his fifth career tournament. 

Two Kentucky guys going toe-to-toe down the stretch. Clutch up-and-downs for JB. Must-make birdies for JT. But in the end, it was the 36-year-old who got over, and got the fifth win of his career. 

The dude who used to treat a 10-year-old Justin Thomas like a little brother on the way up, treated the 25-year-old, Major Champion like a little brother when he ran him down on Sunday afternoon. And to his credit, JT was an absolute man after shooting 75 and losing by a stroke to a guy who used to let him under the ropes as a kid.

“I mean, that’s stuff i’ll never forget. I just never thought, you know 15 years later he would beat my ass at Riviera. That was a bummer.”

Those were Brutal Conditions. Gale Force Wind warnings. Temps barely into the 50s. More rain. And that's not 'brutal for SoCal," when dudes throw on Ugg boots and a parka the moment the mercury drops below 72. Those were just straight up brutal. 

But nothing was more Brutal than the scene on Saturday. Scratch that: Nothing was more brutal than the TWEET on Saturday; when one dude embarrassed himself -- AGAIN. 

I'm not talking about Matt Kuchar; who finally issued an apology, one that was clearly written by somebody else, before doing what he should have done much sooner; taking care of his caddy who was on his bag for his first win in nearly a half decade.  Sort of.  Too little too late. Which I’ll get to a little later. No… 

I'm talking about my EP; Adam Hawk; who once again went sparrow at the worst possible time, on the worst possible stage. 

Hawk hit Twitter with maybe the CRINGIEST photo I’ve ever seen... If you're not watching on CBS Sports Network, i'll describe it. 

Ridiculous patterned shirt. Stupid shades. Panama Jack hat. Porn Stache. It's like Hawk opened his closet on Saturday morning and said, "I want to look like the dead guy in Weekend at Bernie's" and then nailed it. 

A grown man with a Cat tattoo tracked down his idol on the golf course -- The actual Cat -- and reached for a high five. And Eldrick hit him with the greatest Heisman... Since Rory McIlroy did it to Hawk last year. 

I mean, the tweet is basically a fireable offense. The guy who represents me and this radio program is out there looking like a complete idiot and posting it to social where the clones are absolutely wearing him out. 

Steve in PHX said: "You look like a fake passport dealer." 

Chris No Longer in St Pete said: "That stache to hat ratio is creepy AF." 

Steve in Crowtown said: "Control yourself dude." 

Even Cruz Pedregon hopped into the mentions with some Jungle synergy: "Insert Luke Gallows NERD BLAST." 

Everything about that Tweet is stupid. Right down to the fact that he replied to his tweet from last year -- where he did the same damn thing and nearly got fired for it. 

You'd think a dude with a newborn at home would have better things to do than to throw on some black jeans and spend the day at Riv being a fanboy. You'd think the same dude would have the IQ not to post photos of himself acting like a complete tool on social, where his boss would see them. You'd think a lot of things. But that's not what Hawk does. 

Riv ate a lot of dudes up this weekend. Jordan Spieth shot 81 and made a snowman on a 302 yard Par 4. Tiger was 5 under on 4 holes on Saturday, and then made 5 straight 5s on Sunday. But nobody wore an L this weekend like Hawk. And the only thing surprising about it was that it wasn't surprising at all.