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Cameron Jordan

The Saints defensive end talks Eagles, and NFC Championship Game.

January 14, 2019 - 11:18 am

Info & Stats: New Orleans Saints Defensive End

All Topics: One win away from Super Bowl 53 | Eagles game early | Taking the Eagles best shot early | Having some Mike Tyson punch out cleats | Marshon Lattimore’s game winning interception | Trying to talk to Alshon Jeffery after the play | Fake punt early | 3 facets of their |

Jan 14th 2019

CBS Sports Network Interview Highlight

Oct 10th 2018

All Topics: Defensive performance vs. Washington | Team offense and defense playing off each other | 5 sacks all-ready this season | Leaving sacks out there | Rule changes of the game | Reggie White | Drew Brees | Drew’s greatness | Drew not getting the credit he deserves | Julius Peppers | Fan guy on Julius | Alvin Kamara | 90s babies | His fanny packs