Cam's Flight

Could be worse--could have been put on the downgrade list.

Jim Rome
June 25, 2019 - 12:21 pm
Cam Newton

USA Today


Celebrities. They’re just like us.

Or so the saying goes…

But are they really? Let’s find out.

Cam Newton is a celebrity. Most quarterbacks in the NFL are. It’s the biggest league in the world, the quarterback position is the most important, and there are only 32 of them.

Cam Newton also makes $20 million a year.

So why is this celebrity—with cash stacked to the ceiling—on cell phone video—flying coach? How is the man not in first class with a hot towel draped over his mug getting some Z’s on an international flight back from Paris?

Answer? He missed his flight. That’s relatable, right? Who hasn’t done that? We’ve all missed our flights before and Cam Newton missed his international bird back from Paris to North Carolina.

That being said—that’s a pretty brutal flight to miss. Especially when the only plane he could jump onto last minute—was a plane that went through Dallas.

So now this guy is adding two hours, a layover, and a flight change to his trip home. And the worst part is—first class was all booked up. So all 6-foot-5 of Cam Newton had to slum it in coach like the rest of us.

Except Cam had a plan. And according to multiple people on the flight, he approached a man in the first row of coach where the most leg is and offered the guy—wait for it now--$1,500 to trade seats with him.

Imagine Cam Newton—not only on your flight, but on your flight in coach. And not only on your flight in coach but offering $1,500 dollars with someone to switch seats.

Now imagine the guy who he offered the cash to—saying no! Because that happened. Dude straight up Heisman’ed Cam.

Either that guy is the richest dude on the planet and doesn’t need 1500 bucks—or he’s a Falcons fan.

The saddest part of the video is Cam slunking over after getting denied and heading to his assigned seat. What a bleak reality. Wait till they bring the drink cart and the peanuts and out. I hope this guy had an iPad loaded up with movies or game tape because that had to have been the longest 10 hour flight of his life. And remember—it ended with a layover and a flight change in Dallas.

Air travel is already brutal. Now throw in missing your flight, giving up your first class seat, going to coach, getting denied a switch, and then having to fly into a destination that isn’t yours.

I guess there are somethings money can’t buy.  But on second thought—maybe he should have offered more.

Could be worse--could have been put on the downgrade list.