Terry Rozier and Brad Stevens

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Can’t Wait For Game 2

Philly-Boston has all the potential of a great series.

May 01, 2018 - 10:21 am

Philly-Boston has all the potential of a great series. How do I know that? First off, because of the history between these two teams – Dr. J and Larry throwing down in an exhibition game. And because of the two fanbases. And because Terry Rozier showed up to the arena last night in a Drew Bledsoe jersey. Seriously. 

And something tells me, my man didn’t just go into his closet, grab a random gamer, and go Throwback Monday on it. He went out and bought it. The real throwback there wasn’t to former Patriot and current winemaker Drew Bledsoe, but to the first round feud with Eric Bledsoe of the Bucks. Milwaukee’s at home and Terry just wanted to remind everyone of that.  

Forget the nickname Scary Terry, he’s Petty Terry. And it’s awesome. And if you have a series that has Terry Rozier on one side and Joel Embiid on the other, you know it’s going to be good. Just don’t make the mistake of thinking that it will be easy for either team. Because it won’t be.

Boston took Game 1 117-101, which was impressive. And even more impressive when you remember that they don’t have Gordon Hayward. Or Kyrie Irving. And Jaylen Brown was in a suit as well. No worries. Scary Terry will go for 29, Jayson Tatum for 28, and Al Horford for 26. 

And that’s before we get to Marcus Smart who is an absolute beast. A bowling ball with knives out there. Tough as hell and the kind of guy you’d hate to play against. He’s playing with a busted thumb, and then, in one brutal sequence at then of the first half, took a kick to the thumb and when he got up from that, he took a swift kick to the junk. And still kept on battling. 

Boston took it to Philly. And the Sixers know that. Anyone who thought Philly would steamroll Boston was a fool, just like anyone who thinks this series is over after one game is a fool as well. Philly will knock off the rust. They will shoot better from three, because they couldn’t shoot much worse, and Boston will probably shoot worse from three, because they were lights out.

And Joel Embiid and company will improve on defense. Jo wasn’t too impressed with what Jo did last night.  

That’s true. They weren’t good defensively. And the Celtics were great offensively – with Rozier, Tatum, and Horford becoming the first Celtics trio to score at least 25 a piece in a playoff game since Allen, Pierce, and Rondo. 

But this isn’t about Tatum, or Horford, or Smart, as awesome as each one of them was. This is about Brad Stevens. Because, and I have said it before and I will say it again, Bradley Kent Stevens is a wizard or a warlock or something. Because he just took a team that’s missing two all-stars and a guy who averaged 18 in the first round and they won by double digits with barely any rest after a Game 7. 

His crew showed up and locked down, holding the Sixers to 5 of 26 from deep. A performance like that has to make you feel pretty good, right, Brad?

We have to clean up quite a bit?!?!? They exposed us in a lot of areas?!?! That is why this team keeps on rolling, regardless of who’s out there, because Stevens doesn’t give in and doesn’t concede. He just won by double-digits and he’s disappointed by how badly they were exposed. 

That and because he’s got guys like Terry Rozier stepping up huge when it matters most. Rozier talked about his offensive explosion after the game.  

I got love for my man Drew Bledsoe. And I got love for my man Terry Rozier. And you and I haven’t talked, T, but I know who you are. And I can’t wait for Game 2.