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Cancel The Playoffs

Let’s keep playing the playoffs, but just make sure to show this goal during every game.

April 13, 2018 - 9:34 am

With everything going on in the world of sports right now, you know if I’m starting with hockey right out of the gate, then you know something significant went down last night. And it did. And it’s leading me to this: just go ahead and cancel the NHL playoffs. Yeah, I said it. 

Because while there are another two months of hockey to be played, you’re just not going to see a better goal than the one scored by Filip Forsberg last night. And no, this is not me honking for the Predators because I picked the Predators to win it all. This is completely objective. And that goal from Forsberg was objectively filthy. Completely and utterly nasty.

But to really set the stage, especially if you’re new to the sport or really only pick up hockey when the playoffs start, let’s get something clear. Yes, Nashville is the number one seed and they have the best record in hockey. Yes, they are going against the Colorado Avalanche who were a disaster last year and turned everything around to reach the playoffs this year. But that doesn’t mean the Avs are just happy to be in the playoffs and were over-awed by the experience. Not at all. 

In fact, they took a 1-0 lead in the first period. That stunned the Predators and you figured the Avalanche had woken the sleeping giant. So when Nashville scored less than four minutes into the second, it stood to reason that Colorado was going to collapse. But they didn’t. They went right back to re-take the lead less than two minutes later. VERY  impressive. On the road. In one of the most hostile barns in the league. And Colorado was hanging in there.

Nashville tied it up before the end of the second period, but the way the Avs had shown up, anything was possible in the third period. I could’ve imagined all sort of scenarios, but never the one that I saw, because Filip Forsberg went to work.

6:08 into the third period, he broke the tie and then six minutes later, he broke the internet with this…

I thought that a Rockies outfielder parachuting into the middle of a brawl with the Padres was going to be the most amazing video I’d see all week and I was wrong. Because I’ve watched that goal fifty times and I still don’t understand it. I mean, I see it, I can describe it, but I don’t understand it.

I have a better understanding of the Forsberg trade than I do of that Forsberg goal. 

He goes between his legs, between the defenseman’s legs, and then scores. Deking between your legs is one thing. Going between your opponent’s legs is another. But doing both and then scoring? Ridiculous. 

I’m not even going to clown defenseman Samuel Girard or goalie Jonathan Bernier, because what could they do? That was a clean death and an honorable one at that.

You want to claim that Girard and Bernier looked like they never saw it coming? Of course. Because nobody would ever see that coming. Nobody would be thinking, wait, I know what he’s going to do here: he’ll go between his legs, through my legs, and then beat the goalie. 

No one knows Forsberg better than his own teammates and even they were stunned. Austin Watson: "That was unbelievable. I don't know if you guys panned over to the bench, but all of our jaws dropped. He thinks of doing things out there that wouldn't even happen in my dreams."

Colton Sissons: "He just does unbelievable things all the time it seems for us in here. But to do it on this day, in an intense playoff game, is pretty unbelievable."

What did Forsberg make of it? "It was just one of those that come up I guess when you skate, and it worked." 

Yep. Ho-hum. Pretty basic, if you ask me. Just something that comes up and it works. Nothing too crazy. Just putting clownsuits on professional hockey players who’ve played the sport their entire life. Not a big deal. 

Oh, it’s a big deal, Filip. So big I’m going to run it back again.

Again, cancel the playoffs now because it doesn’t get better than that. Actually, I take that back. Let’s keep playing the playoffs, but just make sure to show this goal during every game.