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Canelo’s Weak Punishment

If you’re thinking the dude could not have gotten off any easier—you’d be right.

April 19, 2018 - 11:52 am

The Nevada State Athletic Commission handed down its suspension on Canelo Alvarez yesterday and I have to say, unequivocally,  they brought the hammer.!! The novelty, blow-up, toy hammer for kids that you might win at a county fair ring toss. 

One year, automatically reduced to six months for cooperation, and retroactive to the failed tests in February. And because he bombed the tests before the GGG fight and there was no purse—there is no fine. 

Now that’s truly having your tainted beef and eating it, too.

If you’re thinking the dude could not have gotten off any easier—you’d be right. As far as the punishment goes—it’s as weak as it gets. But, depending on who you are—you might be stoked with that. Because a six-month suspension retroactive to February means this guy can go swing on GGG as early as September. And if you still want to see that rematch then you’re pretty jacked that it could still go down in 2018. And it probably will, too. Both fighters still want it. Both promoters still want it. And the majority of fans still want it, too. And if the fans want it—that means the money will be there. And if the money’s there—the fighters will be there.

So I’d be shocked if the re-rematch isn’t announced sometime after GGG fights Canelo’s stand-in, Vanes Martirosyan, next month. And I’d be shocked if it’s not scheduled for Saturday, September 15th—the day before Mexican Independence Day.

But even though Canelo’s probably gonna get back the exact fight he just got ripped from, in a sense, he’s already lost. If Triple G beats him, again, and yes, we all know he won the first fight, if he beats him again, he’ll hammered not only for losing but as a guy who’s career was built on the juice; after all, look what just happened after the ripped his roids. 

And if he does win the fight, the victory will be tainted because he cheats, since no one really bought the tainted beef excuse in the first place. In other words, dude loses even if he wins. Even if he is telling the truth, and it’s hard to believe he is, but even if he is, no one believes him anyway.

And that’s all on him. And that’s not just ONE OF THOSE THINGS. Not just something that could happen to anyone. It could only happen to someone who goes and trains and grubs where there’s a ton of beef. Which is exactly what Canelo did. And he more than anyone else should have known better. And because he didn’t, it won’t matter to a lot of people what he actually does when he finally does get back in the ring against Triple G.  Because those same folks have already decided what they think of him because of what he did outside of it. If the dude was looking for an edge, and loaded up on the juice, he cheats. In a contact sport, no less. And if it really was an accident, then he really is a dumb guy, to put himself in that position. 

So regardless of intent, it’s his fault, either way. Because the whole thing is avoidable: don’t cheat and don’t train and get your grub in an area where there are countless cases of tainted beef. You can hang an asterisk on this guy no matter what he does that night and any other night going forward. And he’s got no one to blame for it but himself.