Car Flags Up, Laker Nation

Best record in the NBA.

Jim Rome
November 20, 2019 - 9:34 am
LeBron James

USA Today


I said it before and apparently I need to say it again! Shouting out to you, Laker fans!!  Car flags up!!, If you were driving to work, I hope you went the long way and I hope you’re talking the long way home, just to get those flags flapping in the wins a little longer. Because you have to be feeling it today. 

LA 112, OKC 107. And there is so much to talk about I don’t know even now where to start. How about with OKC, since some of you will come in and try to kill our buzz by killing the Thunder. I get that. OKC isn’t who they once were. Hell, the Munster Kid himself would even cop to that.

Say what you will about Billy Donovan, sure he looks like the Munster kid, and I know where you think of him the first thing you think of is not the Thunder, or even his amazing Florida Gators squads, but rather his amazing theme song, but this dude can flat out coach: but he can only coach the players Sam Presti gives him; so no, the Thunder isn’t who or what they’ve been. Obviously. And no, the Lakers’ performance last night wasn’t their best of the year. But it didn’t need to be. And it was good. And just as importantly, it was a blast: they’ve got juice. 

There’s juice, there’s energy, there’s buzz, and there’s star power. Jalen Ramsey was there. Stefon Diggs was in the house. Venus Williams, James Corden, and Gronk were dancing with the Laker girls. And reminding everyone of yet another reason why Gronk will never return to the NFL. Because his life off the gridiron is way better than his life on it. 

And as for the game itself, the Lake Show closed out a perfect homestand to move to an Association best 12-2 on the season. LeBron went for 25 points, 11 rebounds, and 10 assists, giving him yet another triple double and completing the set. He is now the first player in league history with a triple double against every team in the league.

That’s a trip. Anthony Davis said as much: quote: "Amazing. To be able to do that against every team is something special. I mean, (it's) trippy that he's been playing for a long time, so it was a matter of time before it happened, but just a tribute to all his hard work."

That is amazing.  It’s a trip. And so are the Lakers. Again, for the first time, in a long time, they are a blast. I knew they’d be better but I don’t know they’d be the best show in this town. And they are now. And it’s not just because of LeBron. And A.D. One of the biggest reasons the Lakers are killing it once again, is because of….wait for it….Dwight Howard. Yeah I said it, DWIGHT DAVID HOWARD. Attacking offensively and wrecking house defensively:

Now that’s a freaking trip: I literally still cannot believe what I’m seeing from the big fellas.  Sure, part of that is  I’m still not used to seeing him out there rocking the 39 and going Larry Csonka on one end and Dominek Hasek on the other. The guy is making hustle plays and lighting a fire under his teammates and the crowd. DWIGHT DAVID HOWARD, IF YOU NEED HIM! And the Lakers. We all do. 

No one would have expected this from Dwight David. But they’re getting exactly what they’d expect from Anthony Davis…namely 34 and 7 last night. And Rajon Rondo coming off the bench for 8 points and 10 dimes. Then again, the most important thing Rondo brings to it pretty much every night, never shows up on a stat sheet:

As Frank Vogel said: “Rajon's statistics are not measured on a stat sheet, it's measured in swag. He just gives us some confidence, and an air about us. We know we’re going into a battle with a heck of a basketball player. He just helps our swag.”

Even KCP was getting loose with 13 points and 3 of four from deep, including this dagger that iced the game.

No, the Lakers didn’t play their best defense of the season last night. They’d be the first to tell you that. And LeBron was less than happy with his turnovers, but they still won. And they still brought the juice. 

What I’m saying is, this team is a helluva lot fun. And while on the talk coming into the season was about the Clippers and how they weren’t just the team to beat in this city but in the. West, the Lakers back with a vengeance. It’s just that they’re their winning, but HOW they’re winning: with star power, swag, and juice, and that’s the car flags out and the city is once rallying around them. Because this old cliché about L.A. is true: this town is about stars; and star power. A city that appreciates, celebrates and embraces stars. And the Lakers once again have them. Bron. A.D.  And wait for it again…because I don’t want to hear anyone tell me yet again, that they don’t have a third alpha: because they do.  And no, it’s not even Dwight. Or even Kyle Kuzma. You probably need a third star to win it all, and they have that guy: and that dude is Alex Caruso!  Yeah I said that. And how do I know he’s a star: one, I’ve got two eyes. Two, my guy has a mural on Melrose!!

If you haven’t seen this mural, you have to. It is incredible. Hell, I’m this close to taking the show out of the studio and broadcasting from in front of it. Because it is majestic.

If you aren’t near a TV right now, let me describe it to you. But how does someone describe true art? It can’t be talked about, it has to be seen, it has to be felt, it has to be experienced

But I’ll try anyway. The Alex Caruso mural is the Mona Lisa of sports murals.

It’s the Sistine Chapel, except instead of scenes from the Book of Genesis, it’s a scene from a Lakers-Mavs game. Specifically this scene.

That was a moment of horror and nastiness for anyone not wearing purple and gold. Except in the mural, Caruso isn’t just dunking on the Mavs, he’s dunking on the entire Western Conference.

The Bald Mamba is rising up over Luka, Kawhi, Booker, Harden, and Jamal Murray. And they are powerless to stop him. He is about to throw it down with anger.

And for those of you who think that’s a photoshop, check yourself. That’s real. The only thing fake about it is thinking that Luka, Kawhi, Booker, Harden, and Murray would actually have a chance of stopping A.C.

And if you’re thinking to yourself, why that guy is getting a mural, I’m telling you, that’s the wrong question.

The question isn’t why is he getting a mural, it’s what took so long.

And the only answer is: because it’s art. You can’t summon something like that mural on command. We’re dealing with an artist, not a short order cook.

The inspiration for the mural was Caruso himself, but specifically, this play from earlier in the season against the Mavs.

And listen to my guy Caruso talking about the mural.

GOAT. What a humble warrior. What an electric presence. And what an electric team. Seriously. The Lakers are a freaking blast. After years of sucking, frankly, this team is good, they’re entertaining as hell: man, it’s exciting. They’re giving the world must-see TV and must-see murals.

The 2019-20-20 Lakers if you freaking need them. The best team in basketball.