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Carl Filip Anton Forsberg

Between the legs? In an elimination game? On the road?

May 08, 2018 - 10:56 am

Nashville won last night. They beat Winnipeg 4-0 to bring the series back home for Game 7. And I know what you’re thinking, that I’m going to come in here and say I told you so. That it was never in doubt. That PK Subban and Jim Rome were on the same page and that there was no way that Nashville would lose Game 6 and that my prediction still holds true.

But I’m not. Because this show isn’t about me. And this take isn’t about me either. This take is about Filip Forsberg. Check that – Carl Filip Anton Forsberg. I’m not just going government, I’m going full blown four name government. Because he earned it last night.

Let’s start with this play. To set the stage, it’s 1-0 in the second period. Forsberg blocks a shot and snaps his stick in the process. He races to the bench for a new stick and then this Colorado in the first round with this between the legs goal.

At the time, I thought that goal was good enough to cancel the rest of the playoffs. That after seeing that, there was no reason to watch hockey for the rest of the year because nothing would top it. I was wrong. Because if Gary Bettman had taken my suggestion, we would’ve missed out on both those goals last night.

I’m not sure which goal was better – between the legs on the move or between the legs standing still, but I know this, they’re both awesome. And the fact that there’s even a discussion is truly absurd.

He’s scored the goal of a lifetime at least three times in these playoffs and we haven’t even finished the second round.

Just ask Pekka Rinne: "I feel like these two series that already [Forsberg has] at least three or four really unbelievable goals and it's hard to pick. I'm just a fan when I watch him play."

You and me both, P. You and me both. You’d think that his teammates and coaches, the guys who are around him the most, would at least be used to it, but even they are stunned.

Just ask PK Subban: "He pulls off certain moves out there only a handful of guys can pull off in this league. It's a playoff game and he's doing huge things like that.”

That’s the truth. It’s not just the skill to pull it off, it’s the stones to attempt it in the first place.

Predators coach Peter Laviolette: "I don't think there's any question that Fil's a big-game player. (The second) goal was just good work by their line, but he had to finish it off. Let's be honest, none of us in this room can make that play. ... You've got to give him a lot of credit."

None of us in this room can make that play? How many people on the planet can make that play? I’m guessing that list is short. Very, very short. And how many can make it look so easy?

And what do you have to say for yourself, Filip? "To be honest with you, it's the most fun you can have. You can never have more fun than playing these elimination games in Stanley Cup Playoffs and just try to enjoy it as much as possible."

Is there a cooler cat in hockey that this guy? He scores two of the most insane goals in an elimination game, everyone in the building and in his own dressing room is shocked, and his reaction: it’s fun. Yes, Filip. It is fun. It is a lot of fun. Completely and utterly insane. And fun happens.

Grabbing a new stick from the bench. Not much of an angle. Falling down. And he still scores. And then slams into the net and celebrates on his back. Degree of difficulty? 9.5. That was truly ridiculous. And yet, knowing Forsberg, he made it look easy. So, so easy.

Anyone else, scoring a goal like that, on the road, in an elimination game, and that’s the highlight of a lifetime. But for Forsberg, that wasn’t even the highlight of the night.

Because as nice as that was, it was nothing compared to his second goal. Let’s go to the third period, Nashville up 2-0, looking for a third to make things a little more comfortable. Roll it.

And now roll it again. Because I still don’t believe what I just saw.

Filip Forsberg is filthy. Between the legs? In an elimination game? On the road?

With one slick flick, he silenced the loudest arena in the league and took all the air out of the building.

But if you’re surprised, you shouldn’t be. After all, this is the same guy who burned.