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Cars Flags Up, Laker Fan!

SoCal... UNITE!

October 11, 2018 - 11:07 am

Los Angeles Lakers 123, Golden State Warriors 113. And Laker Nation, I’ve got one thing to say to you: CAR FLAGS UP, BABY!

Because if seeing LeBron James in a Laker jersey is still weird, seeing LeBron James lead the Lakers to a win over Golden State is even weirder. The Dubs have a 7 game winning streak against the Purple and Gold. The Lakers haven't beaten the Warriors since November of 2016. And last night, LBJ and the Meme team were out there playing like the Larry O was on the line. 

Yes, I know it’s preseason. Let me repeat that, YES, I KNOW IT'S PRESEASON. But the LeBronzo era getting started in Sin City was waaaaaay more entertaining than a preseason NBA game is supposed to be. 

Because that duo looked nice. I mean, other than Zo air-balling the first jumper he took from distance after an offseason of reports that he's fixed his J. But after that, he and the King got on the same page, and the chemistry was smooth. 

Look, the preseason doesn't mean anything to the Warriors. Hell, the regular season doesn't really mean anything to the Double Champs. But the preseason really matters to the Lakers. Especially in the West. Especially when they don't exactly have a ton of time to figure things out and get a mix of characters onto the same page that nobody outside of Magic would ever have the balls to assemble. 

But if you're a Lakers fan and you saw these guys getting out and running from the jump, you had to be pumped. If you saw your squad essentially go toe-to-toe with the Double Champs when Steph, KD and Klay all played big minutes, you had to be dialing up the Team Shop, and checking out your shersey (shirt-jersey) options. 

And then when Bron did THIS heading into halftime?

Car Flags all across SoCal... UNITE!

Look, there is so much we still need to figure out about this team. How are Zo and Rondo gonna split time? How will Brandon Ingram develop? What's Luke's rotation going to look like? How can the solar system not cave in on itself with JaVale, Mike Beasley and Lance Stephenson all on the same roster?  But those are questions for another day. 

Because the Lakers just beat the Warriors. Preseason or not, that's enough to get Laker Nation hyped