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Casserly v. Kyler, Round 2

Your move, Casserly. Let’s go.

March 07, 2019 - 9:40 am

It turns out the Charley Casserly v. Kyler Murray’s Reputation fight isn’t over. In fact, it’s only just begun. If you thought it was over after Casserly unloaded on Murray, saying, among other things: Leadership — not good. Study habits — not good. The board work — below not good.” You were wrong. 

Because Murray’s agent, Erik Burkhardt is sprinting out of the locker room and running towards the ring. And he is bringing a two by four with him:

Burkhardt told PFT that he heard what Casserly said: “My initial reaction was to laugh because I knew the ‘old guard’ would inevitably try to come up with the usual pre-draft nonsense. But when I later watched this man say what he did, it was over-the-top and definitely felt personal, and that’s when I got pissed off.”

It’s personal. And you’re pissed. That’s a good start. What else you got, E? “First and foremost, Kyler is an exemplary person. He is everything you hope your own son grows up to become. We’re talking about a young man who has done everything right and worked relentlessly his entire life to achieve and push for greatness. We’re talking about the first human ever drafted in the top 10 in two major sports leagues, and who just completed the greatest single season in football history. You will not find even one former teammate or coach at any level in any sport who’s played with Kyler Murray who has anything remotely negative to say about him, his leadership, or his work ethic.”

Of course he has his client’s back. He better. That’s his job. But how about a thought or two about the dude who just wrecked your client: What do you think about Casserly, Erik? Quote: “So what do I think about an agenda-driven ‘analyst’ who’s never once even talked to Kyler or any of his coaches or teammates? I think it’s disgusting and embarrassing and Casserly should be ashamed of himself.”

Hello! Disgusting and embarrassing and Casserly should be ashamed of himself. Now we’re getting someone where. Damn, E, you ARE pissed. This is good. And it only gets better.

But first, Burkhardt wants to clear something up: he says he spoke with people who sat in on those meetings with Murray, and he can’t figure out where the hell Casserly is getting his intel from: “Further, my business partners and I personally represent coaches and executives who sat in on eight of Kyler’s 10 formal combine interviews. I spoke directly to each of them, as well as executives from the other two teams and many others who I don’t represent but were present, and all of them were extremely positive about his entire interviews, with each citing specific examples as to why.” (IF I DIDN’T KNOW ANY BETTER, I’D SAY BURHARDT JUST CALLED CASSERLY A LIAR). Or came about as close as you can without actually saying it. 

And he still wasn’t done. There’s more. “Look, if you don’t like Kyler’s game, it’s cool. If you don’t like his size and want to talk about that, that’s fine, too. If you’re into a Heath Shuler-type looking guy, then hype those guys and say why.” A Heath Shuler blast! He just went there! He just went to one of Casserly’s picks, Shuler, who was the third pick in the draft and is widely regarded as one of the all-time busts.

In other words, you liked Heath Shuler, so shut the hell up about Kyler Murray. I thought Casserly put Murray in a body bag. But that’s nothing compared to what Burkhardt just did to Casserly. And even then, he still wasn’t done. Quote; “But when you slander the character and work ethic of a young man who’s worked his ass off his entire life and done everything right to put himself in his current position, you’d better cite your sources and come with a better record than 18-46 as a G.M. of the Texans, and whose own leadership and accountability has been questioned by his old bosses and colleagues, as well as the greatest coach on the planet.” 


Going with Heath Shuler was one thing, bringing out the 18-46 record as GM of the Texans is another, but the finishing move was incredible. Because that last line is a reference to Bill Belichick saying back in 2010: “Who’s been wrong more than Charley Casserly since he left the Redskins? His percentage is like a meteorologist.”

Burkhardt just stuffed Casserly into a sack and threw him off a bridge. That was incredible. And that’s exactly what you want from someone in your corner when your reputation gets attacked. 

But I hope Burkhardt saved some of that fire, because the criticism of Murray doesn’t stop with just Casserly. 

One anonymous coach told NJ dot com that Casserly’s comments were “fairly accurate. Maybe not to that extreme. It might be a little overblown, but there’s definitely some truth there.”

And a scout from a different team told the same outlet: “I wouldn’t go quite as far as Casserly. But, he’s no Patrick Mahomes or Baker Mayfield. That’s for sure.”

Look, I don’t know if he is Patrick Mahomes or Baker Mayfield. That’s incredibly elite company because there hasn’t been a Patrick Mahomes or Baker Mayfield before either of those guys. 

And it’s possible that he didn’t interview well, but kind of hard to see how he’d do what he did in college with no leadership ability, or work ethic, or ability to prepare. That would be even more remarkable than anything he actually did. 

You’re telling me that Baker Mayfield leaves Oklahoma and some guy with no leadership ability or work ethic or ability to prepare, takes over for him and “leads” the team to a Big 12 title, a spot in the college football playoff, and wins the Heisman? Doing all of that is incredible. Doing all of that without leadership ability, work ethic, or the ability to prepare is the most amazing thing ever.

He must be Bo Jackson, Deion Sanders, Jim Thorpe, and LeBron James all wrapped up in one if he can do that. 

It’s pretty much impossible to project what kind of an NFL career he’ll have, but if his leadership is NOT GOOD, and his study habits are NOT GOOD, and his board work was BELOW NOT GOOD, then he must’ve done something extremely well at Oklahoma

Not to mention the fact that he was a top ten pick in major league baseball. Could you really be a top ten pick in two sports and win the Heisman without the ability to lead, work or prepare?

Could two different organizations in two different sports really draft him as high as he was in baseball and will be in football without caring about his alleged lack of leadership and study habits? I mean, I guess it’s possible. But that’s like saying that anything is possible. 

And if you ignore Casserly and the anonymous coach for a moment, and check the other reports, then there are a bunch of teams, including the Raiders who are itching to get their hands on a quarterback with absolutely no leadership, study habits, and board work that is BELOW NOT GOOD. 

And if you do what Kyler Murray does, allegedly without those attributes, then really how important are those attributes? 

If you can get as far as he has with a total lack of any intangibles, then why do we even talk about intangibles? Does he just get out of bed chucking bombs on the football field and raking on a diamond without ever working at it? If so, I’m really interested, because what if he did actually work at it? He would be the greatest ever at everything. But I’m guessing that’s not the case. 

Again: Leadership — not good. Study habits — not good. The board work — below not good.”

That take is starting to feel: BELOW NOT GOOD. But I’m sure Burkhardt firing back is not the last we’ve heard of it. Your move, Casserly. Let’s go. Let’s bleeping go. Whatcha got, pops?!