Chase Young Wants Tom Brady

Not a damn thing to see here, keep moving.

Jim Rome
January 07, 2021 - 10:57 am
Chase Young

USA Today


After Doug Pederson and Nate Sudfeld, I mean the Washington Football Team, finished off the Eagles on Sunday night, the Football Team was fired up. And they deserved to be. They were dead in the water a few weeks ago and now they’re division champs and they’re hosting a playoff game.

Not just any playoff game, they’re hosting the Bucs on Saturday night. And that means Tom Brady is coming to town.

And when rookie stud Chase Young left the field on Sunday, he made it clear that he was fired up.

“Tom Brady! Tom Brady I’m coming! I want Tom! I want Tom!”

And the moment that clip surfaced, the “bulletin board material” alarm went off like a foghorn.

Like oh HELL no!! He just went there. The rookie just said Tom Brady’s name and now Brady is going to come out and absolutely light him up. Now Washington is screwed: why the hell would you ever poke that bear?! Check that why the hell would you ever poke that goat! The hell was chase young thinking anyway???? Way to go Chase: way to wreck everything you and your team have worked so hard for.  Or so went the thinking.

So when Young met with the media yesterday, the question was whether or not he regretted what he said. Would he be walking it back? And the rookie handled it like a TEN YEAR VET:  "I play ball. I'm excited to go against the best. The media, their job is to stir it up. If you know me, I'm excited for every game. Tom Brady, you think I'm not excited to play against the GOAT? You trippin'. I'm not going to apologize for saying I want Tom. No, I want every quarterback I play against."

DAMN RIGHT, You trippin, if you have a problem with Chase Young saying he wants Tom Brady, you have a problem with yourself. Of course he wants Brady, why wouldn’t he? Should he be chanting for Daniel Jones? Or Chad Henne?

If you’re a competitor, you want to go against the best. I mean, of course it would be easier to face a team that somehow had Chad Henne as their quarterback, but the best want to face the best. So of course Chase wants Tom. You want to face the GOAT in the playoffs. Not a slug like Chad Henne.

I love the fact that Young didn’t apologize or back down. That’s great. I would’ve lost so much respect for him if he came out and said, yeah, I got carried away. I’m sorry, Tom. Please accept my apology. I hope you take it easy on us.

And if you think that Chase Young screwed up by calling out Tom Brady like that, just keep moving. I know Tom Brady is a fuel guy, but if you think that he’s going to find a new gear because Chase Young was caught on camera saying his name, to quote Chase Young, you trippin.

And let’s talk about bulletin board material for a moment. Does it even exist? Do bulletin boards even exist?

Do you think Bruce Arians is printing off a transcript of that video, cutting off the excess paper, walking into the Bucs locker room in Tampa, taking out a thumbtack and posting it on a bulletin board?

I’m going to go ahead and say, nope. No chance. They’re going to spend more time focusing how to game plan against Chase Young than they are anything innocuous he happened to say running off the field. 

And if you were expecting Tom Brady to come firing back at Chase Young, you were begging. As always.

Standard operating procedure about Brady: never saying anything about anything, yet somehow managing to work in an extremely lame joke.  One piece of advice, though pops: given how your alma mater has gotten its brains smashed in repeatedly during that alleged rivalry, I’d maybe steer clear of that for now.

And know this, If chasing a seventh ring and trying to jam it up the Hood’s ass wasn’t motivation enough for this guy, and he just go additional motivation from a video of a rookie geeked to go up against him in his first playoff game, than this dude isn’t the goat everyone’s making him out to be.

Washington isn’t in more trouble now because of what Chase Young said. They’re up against it because they’re facing a team with a ton of weapons and a quarterback with plenty of playoff experience who is desperate to win another ring. Chase Young saying Tom Brady’s name didn’t change any of that.

By the way, if that’s what qualifies as trash talk these days, we’ve really fallen hard. We need to bring back some of the legends. Because Chase Young saying “I want Tom!” Is nothing compared to Ray Buchanan teeing off on Shannon Sharpe before the Super Bowl back in the day.

"Shannon can always win, because he can talk. But Shannon looks like a horse. I'll tell you, that's an ugly dude. You can't tell me he doesn't look like Mr. Ed."

Now that is trash talk. That was bulletin board material back when there were bulletin boards. Chase Young saying he wants Tom Brady is just announcing who he’s facing next. Not a damn thing to see here, keep moving.