Chiefs 23 Pats 16

KC snaps New England's home win streak.

Jim Rome
December 09, 2019 - 11:31 am
Julian Edelman

USA Today


So before the Kansas City-New England game, Julian Edelman took to twitter. And he posted some compilation video of people cracking on the Patriots offense. I assume the point of the video was to get pumped up and then prove everyone wrong.

Like, oh, this is what y’all are saying about us? You think our offense sucks? You think we don’t have speed out wide? You think we don’t have game breakers and guys who can punish a defense?

Well, check us out today against KC.

And everyone did and this is what they saw:

Tom Brady: 19 of 36 for 169 yards, 1 touchdown, 1 interception

An offense that was 2 for 12 on third down

An offense that had one touchdown in three red zone trips

And a 23-16 loss at home to Kansas City. That was a really nice win for KC. And a hell of a defensive play at the end.

Sure, Edelman had 8 receptions for 95 yards and a touchdown. But yesterday’s offense looked pretty much like the offense has looked for most of the season. Awkward, slow, and not scaring anyone.

In other words, it looked exactly like what everyone in that video was describing. No wonder Patriot fans were desperately hoping that Gronk would come back. And no wonder they’re desperate for that desperate receiver to come back.

But let’s get a couple of things out of the way: no, I’m not counting the Patriots out.

And anyone who does that is a fool. The number of “the Patriots are done” columns and segments on radio and TV over the years that have proven to be completely wrong is infinity. It cannot be counted or quantified.

Those takes are as tired as the “on to Cincinnati” jokes after yesterday’s game. Because, you know, they’re playing the Bengals this week. Hilarious.

And yes, the Patriots got completely jammed by the refs yesterday. There was the Travis Kelce fumble that was blown dead.

And the N’Keal Harry touchdown that should’ve been and never was.

Great to see the refs are in postseason form already. Nothing like having a huge game between two of the best teams in the conference and two of the best quarterbacks in football, and one of the biggest talking points are the refs.

It blows my mind that in just about every game, there is some incredibly weird or just incredibly wrong call that’s made. Time and time again. How is that possible? Seriously, how is it this bad and how has it not been fixed yet?

Then again, those are the same two questions being asked about the Patriots offense – how is it this bad and how has it not been fixed yet?

Because as bad as the N’Keal Harry non-touchdown was, we aren’t talking about it today if the Patriots punch it into the end zone from the three yard line after that play. They had first and goal from the three and lost two yards on a run, threw an incomplete pass, and were sacked for a six yard loss.

From first and goal at the three to kicking a field goal from the 11. The refs butchered the call and the Patriots butchered the rest of the drive.

Again, no wonder that story about will the Patriots try to make a move for a particular receiver who keeps getting desperate on Twitter and Instagram keeps popping up. And how great is it that the “sources” close to the team seem to imply that not bringing him back is some sort of moral stand that Bob Kraft and others are taking. Right. Okay. Whatever.

Remind me again, what was Bob Kraft allegedly doing the morning before the last time his team faced Kansas City? Oh, that’s right, he was allegedly visiting sex workers in a strip mall.

Just don’t forget that this was the same organization that brought him in after he threatened to assault a member of the front office of another team. Shortly after they signed him, they learned about the sexual assault allegations, and tried to tell everyone that if they had known about those allegations, they never would’ve signed him in the first place.

But once they did know about it, they played him against Miami and made sure to get him really involved in the offense. If you’re wanting to spin any decision not to bring him back as moral, skip me with that.

We learned everything we needed to know about the moral compass of this organization earlier this season, so keep on moving with that stuff.

To recap: the Patriots continue to be beatable and the referees continue to be awful.

New England is 10-3. They have a very good defense, a very good head coach, and a very stoppable offense.

That is about as easy to defend as New England has been in a long time. And no amount of pump up videos will change that. They need to figure something out or change up the talent. Or both. But spare me with the following: the Patriots being done, the Patriots having some sort of moral code about a certain receiver, and the hilarious zingers about their next opponent.