Chiefs 35 Titans 24

KC is going back to the Super Bowl for the first time in 50 years.

Jim Rome
January 20, 2020 - 9:35 am
Patrick Mahomes

USA Today


I was in Kansas City this weekend for the pregame show and I’ve only got one thing to say: How bout them Chieeeeeeffffffs! 

Well, actually two things to say. How ‘bout them Chieeeeeeffffffs and How ‘bout them temps!

Holy crap that was cold. I don’t care what the thermometer said yesterday, it felt like negative-50 on the field. I thought my jaw was going to lock up and fall off during the pregame show. And if it did, it would’ve just shattered on the ground. That’s how cold it was.

Nothing but respect for Chiefs fans who showed up the way they did for that game and partied the way they did throughout. Especially Travis Kelce who channeled the Beastie Boys.

Or when he busted into the Patrick Mahomes post-game interview to say this. 

You think that guy was fired up? You think Chiefs Kingdom is fired up? You think this guy is fired up?

KC is going back to the Super Bowl for the first time in 50 years. Half a century. 

Just don’t tell me you weren’t sweating it early, I know you were. The grip was strong. Because the Titans came out and did exactly what you thought they’d do. Feed the ball to Derrick Henry. And sure enough, Tennessee got out to a 10-0 lead and it felt like the boa constrictor was starting to wrap. I said it as I was freezing on the field yesterday; the one thing the Chiefs didn’t want to do was fall behind big like they did last week. Coming back on the Texans was one thing, but you were doing that against the Titans; not when they could just pound it with the big dawg and let him move the chain, spin clock and abuse fools. That was a sure recipe for implosion by the Chiefs.

Now….Going down 10-0 to the Titans wasn’t the same as 24-0 to the Texans, but it was starting to head in that direction, because Tennessee can eat clock like nobody else. And KC’s defense was helping out with one penalty after another. 

I know you were tripping, Chiefs fans. And you can admit it. I get it. You’ve been down this road so many times before. And have been burned so many times before. And it looked and it felt like it might happen again. So, I know that you were losing your mind when Tennessee went on that 15-play, 75-yard drive that took nine minutes and seven seconds, included multiple KC penalties, and was capped off with a Dennis Kelly touchdown pass.

FGTD baby!!!! Except that’s not a Fat Guy Touchdown. Dennis Kelly is 6’8, 321. That’s just a large athletic man touchdown. And a hell of a playcall from Titans offensive coordinator Arthur Smith.

At that point, the grip in KC was a kung-fu death grip. Because this is exactly what the Titans had done to everyone else in the last three weeks: crack you in the jaw and drive you in the grouuuuuuundnd on long drives, and then score on soul-destroying gadget plays. 

But Kansas City came back and scored to make it 17-14. And then, with just seconds to go before halftime, the play that completely changed the game.

Not exactly a tackling clinic by the Titans, but that wasn’t about what Tennessee didn’t do, that’s what about Patrick Mahomes DID do. He kept on fighting and absolutely refused to go down. You know Pat brings crazy skill and athleticism, but what he doesn’t get enough credit for is the fact that he has the toughness to match: this dude is a savage.  That’s the guy who saw his kneecap lined up in the wrong spot, had it put back into place, and tried to go back into the game.

That is a guy who felt the pain of losing last year in the AFC Championship game, went to school on it, and wasn’t going to let it happen again. 

That is a touchdown that will be remembered for a long time. That was awesome. And part of a 28-0 run that flipped the game from being down 17-7 to up 35-17. That’s what this Chiefs team can do. You think you’ve got the lead and you’re playing your game, and then in a matter of minutes, the game is turned upside down and suddenly, you’re playing their game. And you’re getting hammered. Ammirite, Titan fan.

Yesterday was an answer for all of you who thought that maybe Patrick Mahomes had taken a step back. That maybe last year was an anomaly and he wasn’t really that good. He is THAT good. In fact, he’s better. I don’t give a damn what the numbers say. And he proved it again yesterday.

23 for 35 for 294 yards and three touchdowns in the air. 53 yards and a touchdown on the ground. And he made it look easy. Seriously easy. Some of those runs were the easiest runs you’ll ever see a quarterback make. And some of those passes were a joke.

But don’t take it from me. Ask Travis Kelce: “Who he is right now, and how he’s been able to take the scrutiny and take the hype, and just be himself and ball … that’s a special trait that he has in life. I’m just happy I get to play with him.”

And we all should be happy we get to watch him. Because that is greatness in action. Unbelievable player. Unbelievable dude. And unless he’s carving your team, how can you not get with this guy? You have a problem with Pat Mahomes, you have a much bigger problem with yourself?

And spare some love for the Chiefs defense. Because they dominated in the second half. Sure, the offense was putting up numbers, but the Kansas City’s defense just shut down the Titans offense. 

Do you remember the buildup to the game? Do you remember what KC defensive end Frank Clark said about Derrick Henry? 

He’s not hard to hit. He’s just a big guy. 240, 245, 250, honestly he should be running harder at his weight and at his size. I don’t see no difficult in tackling him. He’s just easy to me up front because I don’t look at any running back like they can’t be tackled. He’s not one of the best guys at breaking tackles to me honestly.”

He said that and everyone freaked out. He said that and everyone said he screwed up, said that he gave Tennessee bulletin board material. And it’s true, that everyone who’d said that before him had paid a price. Earl Thomas said something like that and Derrick Henry used that against him. Actually, Derrick Henry used Earl Thomas against the Ravens. 

Frank Clark said it and then he and the rest of the defense backed it up. And I don’t want to say they made it look easy, but they kind of did. After that first half, they locked up Henry and the Titans offense. And Frank Clark was the guy who ended the game with a sack.

And then he chased that with a Conor McGregor strut. And like Conor, he had something he wanted to say when it was all over. 

We’re sending his bleep home early. Talked junked before the game and backed it up during the game. 

That’s not exactly Bart Scott, but damn, it’s not far off. He and his crew just made one hell of a statement. I know the offense is going to get a ton of run, and they deserve every bit of it, but this Chiefs defense is different than some of the ones in the past. They can make plays and they can win you games.  

The best bleepers in the world. And I couldn’t have been more impressed with what I saw from that team and their fans! See y’all in Miami.