Chiefs 38 Bills 24

Thanks for coming, Mafia.

Jim Rome
January 25, 2021 - 10:49 am
Patrick Mahomes

USA Today


Buffalo, for the last few weeks, I’ve been here every Monday morning and asked you, how you livin’? And I’m asking it again, for the final time this season: how you livin’? 

And I have a feeling I know the answer. Pretty damn well, given the season your team just had; but not as well as you had been given the season you thought you were still going to have. You’re proud of your but crushed to get that close and not get over. I get it. The ultimate blast to the package. You probably won’t like the analogy, but I had a similar feeling over the weekend when a horse jungle racing owns with LNJ Foxwoods, Cruel Intention ran at Santa Anita and got beat a nose in a photo finish: I felt like the horse that beat us, strolled over to the winner’s circle and kicked me right in the junk.  I mean, even at the wire, we had won the race. I knew we had. Just like you probably allowed yourself to think you had won your race when you jumped on the Chiefs to start that game. 

Because the start of that game in KC could not have gone any better. Field goal on the opening drive. Then a three out and from your defense. And then a KC muffed punt on the second possession.

If you’re going to beat KC in KC, you’re going to need moments like that. You’re going to need a break or two to go your way. And you’re going to need to capitalize on it. And Buffalo did because one play later by punching it in for a touchdown. 

Buffalo missed the extra point, but they were up 9-0 on the road against the defending Super Bowl champs. They were rolling. Everything was going their way. Patrick Mahomes was looking a little shaky, he looked like that toe was bothering him, the defense was making plays. For a moment, KC actually looked a little rattled.

And then that moment was gone. Because Kansas City rattled off three unanswered touchdowns. From down 9-0 to up 21-9 in a heartbeat.

That’s what KC does to you. You think you’ve got them and you think they’re having a bad game and you’re finally going to finish them and then suddenly, they’re gone.

Especially in the playoffs. Ask the Texans from last year. And the Titans. And the 49ers in the Super Bowl.

If you’re losing, you’re losing. If you’re tied, you’re losing. And even when you’re winning, you’re losing. Because they’re that explosive. They’re that fast. They’re that dominant. They are the exception to the rule. Rule being that you can’t just throw the switch in professional sports. Generally you can’t. But the Chiefs can. And they do.  Pretty much whenever the hell they want. 

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, they are like the Golden State Warriors back in the day. You think you’re in a game with them, you think you might even have a look at beating them, and then they hit you with a flurry on offense and defense and suddenly, you’re sucking wind and sucking their exhaust.

14 play TD drive, the ended with a Mecole Hardman td.

Then a quick stop on defense, followed by this Hardman play to start off the next drive. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen someone bounce back from a nearly catastrophic mistake on the big stage the way Hardman did last night. That was impressive as hell. Impressive by him and by the KC coaching staff to stick with him.

Because that 50-yard play set the stage for another touchdown. 

And that was followed by a three and out and a third touchdown. 

Bam! It was that fast. It went from a blowout to a blowout in a second and yes, we could get into a debate about whether the Bills should’ve kicked a field goal at the end of the first half to make it 21-12 instead of going for a touchdown, and whether you can really expect to beat Patrick Mahomes with field goals, but come on, let’s be real. The way KC was playing last night, it wasn’t going to matter.

And that was with Mahomes on a jacked up foot and a couple days out of concussion protocol. And it still didn’t matter. He is that good and KC is that good.

You see how they played over the course of the season, they weren’t’ blowing people out. They weren’t’ dominating.  Hell, they weren’t’ covering the spread at all.  They were just winning.  Hate to go to another horse racing analogy, but almost like they were always the dominant horse in the field and once they had done enough to win, the jockey wraps up the horse, and wins, geared down and saves the horse for another day. That was the Chiefs. But when it’s time to actually put the hammer down, like last night, they still have that gear: and then look the hell out.

Because they’ll hit you with plays like this, Tyreek Hill’s 71 yard catch and run.

Kansas City’s offense started the game with a three and out. Followed by a muffed punt. Here’s what they did after that.




Kneel down to end half

Field goal



That’s just stupid. And they did it again a really good Bills team. A Bills team that came into the game having won eight straight, including seven by double digits. That Bills team would not have been out of place in a Super Bowl.

And they just got smoked by Kansas City. Absolutely flattened by the KC offense and when you focus too much on the offense, you forget about the playmakers on defense, who made last night a nightmare for Josh Allen.

There will be time over the next two weeks to talk about Brady v. Mahomes, TB vs. KC, and Patrick’s toe, and how much the loss of Eric Fisher will hurt Kansas City.

For now, just take a moment to appreciate and to try to understand what we are witnessing with Patrick Mahomes. He’s going back to his second straight Super Bowl. He’s been a starter for three years and he’s gone to a pair of Super Bowls and was an overtime away from a third.

And this one came after he got knocked out of the game the previous week. But as Tyrann Mathieu said, there was no way he wasn’t playing in this game and there was no way he wasn’t going to get a win.

"Just watching him work throughout the week, he was the same old Pat, the same teammate, the same leader, moving around, trying to extend plays. On top of that, he's a gamer. It doesn't necessarily matter the situation or the circumstances. He tends to rise above all that.''

Just because he makes it look easy, doesn’t mean it is. Just because he makes this seem normal, remember that it’s not.

Don’t take my word for it, ask Andy Reid: “I’m an old guy that’s seen a couple of pretty good quarterbacks, and I’m sitting there going, ‘This guy seems to amaze me a little bit more every game.’”

That is a guy who’s around him every single day, and has been around great quarterbacks throughout his career, and he’s still amazed every single day by Mahomes. The fact that Patrick Mahomes is doing this at 25 years old is incredible. The fact that we are here to watch it is incredibly special. And the only more insane than Tom Brady’s career, is that one day we may all sit back and talk about how the great Patrick mahomes blew right by the assumed goat when it was all said and done.