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How are you feeling today?

January 21, 2019 - 11:44 am

Chiefs fans, how are you feeling this morning? After the NFC championship game, I was thinking that Saints fans were about to have the worst Monday ever. After all, they had their hearts ripped out by the Vikings last year and by the refs yesterday, so it doesn’t get worse than that, does it?

It does. 

Kansas City saw what happened to the Saints and shouted, loudly, in the most cliché and overused voice ever: HOLD. MY. BEER.

Chiefs fans, be honest. You knew something like this was going to happen. You knew that last night was going to be painful and brutal. But at least it looked like it was going to be over quickly when the Patriots absolutely dominated from the start. 

New England rolled into Arrowhead and rolled out the perfect gameplan, marching down the field on one of those marathon opening drives. 15 plays, 80 yards, more than 8 minutes long. The kind of drive that destroyed the Chargers last weekend and took the crowd out of the game last night.

Let me take a moment right now for the Patriots – that was another incredible performance. Clutch as hell. Predictable as hell. And still unreal as hell. 

They seize the moment like nobody has ever seized it before. There will be time to hype them. Two whole weeks to hype them before the Super Bowl. 

The next two weeks are about New England, today is about Kansas City. 

But it looked like all of last night was going to be about New England when they went up 14-0 just before halftime on a Brady to Phillip Dorsett bomb.

That was brutal. As poorly as the Chiefs played in the first half, getting into the locker room down 7-0 would’ve felt like a huge win. Instead, they went in down 14-0 and they were in trouble. 

And Chiefs fans knew it. But then KC came out and went 74 yards in four plays for a touchdown. 14-7. Game on. Hope is still alive.

And like the man said, hope is a dangerous thing. Nobody knows that better than KC fans right now. Because they started to hope. They started to believe. They knew that it was probably going to end in the worst way possible, because it always does with the Chiefs in the playoffs, but they stuffed that thought back down and started to think this would be different. 

Because this was different. Down 17-14, they got the break they needed when Julian Edelman did this...

KC was going crazy. Punch this in and you’ve got a whole new ballgame. But then it was ripped from them, because that’s how it goes for Kansas City in the playoffs. Come so close, and then get your heart ripped out and have the opposition show it to you.

Every Chiefs fan knew that when they reversed the call on that punt, that New England was going to go right down the field and score.

Sony Michel rushed for two yards on the next play and then Brady dropped back to pass on second down. Every Chiefs fan knew what was coming next, but wait!

Holy crap. Edelman certainly touched that ball and directed it right into the waiting  hands of Daniel Sorensen. Two plays later the Chiefs scored to take the lead. 

This might actually happen, right? There’s a chance, Chiefs fans.?! Right??? But deep down, you knew that there wasn’t a chance. That New England was going to respond with another TD and they did. 

But Patrick Mahomes was standing toe-to-toe with Tom Brady and he got Kansas City a 28-24 lead with just over two minutes left. I know Chiefs fans weren’t feeling their defense in that moment, but then this happened.

Holy crap again. Do you believe it, KC? It’s really going to happen. You just beat the Patriots. You’re going to the Super Bowl.

Nope. You’re not. You didn’t just beat the Patriots. You aren’t going to the Super Bowl.

Because there’s a flag on the play. You knew there would be. There was no way something this amazing was going to happen: no way were you going to revel in one of the greatest moments of your entire life!  Not when you’re a Chiefs fan.

And it wasn’t just a flag on the play, it was a flag on the play for offsides on Dee Ford. The Pro Bowl pass rusher lined up in the neutral zone.

How does that guy make that mistake in that moment? Every Chiefs fan knows the answer to that:?!??!?   Because it’s the Chiefs. This could only happen to the Chiefs! 

You’re booked for the super bowl!!  You’re going!!  You won the game!!  Only to find out you haven’t and you’re about to lose because a Pro Bowl player lined up in the neutral zone. Ford said afterwards: “I got to see the ball. I got to see the ball, especially the time of the game and what was at stake. Just have to see the ball.” 

He knows it. You know it. I know it. I hate to do this, KC fans. I’m just speaking what you’re feeling. I’m not here to mock you or pile on or make light of your pain. I understand your pain. I feel you. 

But tell me I’m wrong.  I mean…You knew it was going to be brutal. You knew the loss was going to happen, and probably in a painful way, but in your wildest and worst imaginations, could you ever have pictured something like that? A game-winning interception taken off the board because a Pro Bowler lined up in the neutral zone. That’s next level. That’s torture 2.0. 

Give you the greatest moment of your entire life, and then rip it away the next. And it was ripped away in the most brutal, simple, and mundane way possible. 

And that’s before we get to the agony of Mahomes leading a perfect game-tying drive, the game going to overtime, and Mahomes never even touching the ball. I’m not going to get into the ridiculousness of that rule or the fact that everyone knew the game was over the moment the Pats won the toss. 

Because this isn’t about the overtime rules or really even the Patriots, it’s about the Chiefs. And about how the inevitable became the incredible in the most horrifying and original way ever. It’s so awful and it’s so Chiefs.  And if you’re ready to talk about it, I’m here for you. But if you’re not, I get that too.