Kamu Grugier-Hill

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Choke Smack


December 06, 2018 - 9:38 am

Rod Marinelli’s Dallas Cowboys have turned their season around. It was one week ago today that Rodney’s crew went into New Orleans and punched the best team in the NFL in the mouth, repeatedly. DeMarcus Lawrence, Jaylon Smith, and Leighton Vander Esch made the Saints offense look like the Bills offense. 

And now it’s Eagles Week. And for the Cowboys, Philly couldn’t be coming to Arlington at a better time. The Cowboys have won four straight and Rod Marinelli’s D is lighting suckas up on a weekly basis. Dallas is in first place in the NFC East and a win on Sunday would go a long way toward wrapping up the division, especially given that they close the season with the Colts, Bucs, and Giants. 

So there is a lot of momentum behind the Cowboys right now and they are the definite favorite on Sunday. But not everyone is buying in to the Cowboys resurgence. And by not everyone, what I really mean is one person in particular: Eagles linebacker Kamu Grugier-Hill. 

Roll it.

Uh-oh!! That’s just seven seconds, but there’s plenty of smack right there. And it’s pretty remarkable. 

That's the kind of thing that you don’t see a lot. A guy on a team that’s won two straight, going on the road against a division rival that’s rolling, and calling them chokers. 

And especially a chokers blast, since choker is right up there with quitter for the worst thing you can possible say about an athlete. Or a team.   

You guys think you’re good? That’s cool. But you know what you really are? Chokers.  You’re all a bunch of chokers. You always choke and we’ll come in and make you choke. Nicely done, KGH.

Of course, it nearly broke twitter with fools running to fire up the bulletin board material alarm. And demanding that KGH apologize immediately. Better yet, that he should have never said it in the first place. 

Child please!!

First off, nobody has bulletin boards any more. When was the last time you saw an NFL locker room that had a bulletin board in it? Probably around the time that paper boys stopped standing on street corners yelling “Extra! Extra! Read all about it!”

Secondly, these are grown ass men playing other grown ass men in a violent sport for the ultimate prize. Do you think that the Cowboys were going to ignore the Eagles this weekend until KGH said that? I doubt it. I’m pretty sure the Cowboys knew the Eagles were the opponent and they’ve probably been studying them all week. 

So no, I don’t have a problem with what KGH said. Not only do I not have a problem, I love it. And I wonder why it took this late into Eagles-Cowboys week before the trash talk started. For a moment, I thought everyone was slacking and that no one gave a damn. 

But KGH got us started. And he should.

It’s Eagles-Cowboys week. Philly v. Dallas. The rivalry that gave us Bounty Bowl I and Bounty Bowl II. Seriously, this is a rivalry that allegedly had one coach putting a bounty on the head of the opposing team’s quarterback and kicker. 

It’s a rivalry that saw Michael Irvin, flat out on the turf at Veterans Stadium with a serious neck and spine injury, and Eagles fans allegedly booed as he was placed on a stretcher. Not only that, they allegedly chanted “Deion Sucks” when Deion Sanders went to console him. 

This is what that rivalry has had and we’re going to get worked up about a seven second quote? 

And here’s the other thing: KGH is right. Philly has won six of their last eight in Jerry’s house. They kind of do own the Dallas Cowboys in Dallas. They routinely go into Dallas and win. It’s their home away from home. So why shouldn’t KGH be pumped up before the game.  

And if your beef with KGH is that he’s not a household name, I’m not really hearing that either. He’s one of the team captains. He’s a leader on that team, so just because you don’t put any weight into his words or want to drop some witty Twitter zinger on him because you’ve never heard of him, his teammates know who he is. 

And yes, he knows that he dropped a potential pick-six in their first meeting this year, so you’re not really going to get him to back down just by bringing that up. 

So, yeah, that’s not bulletin board material. That’s awesome material. And a good game just got better because of it. Thank you, KGH. Thank you very much.