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Chris Mack

The Louisville head coach talks 2018-19 Season with Jim.

February 05, 2019 - 10:36 am

Info & Stats: Louisville Head Coach

All Topics: Following a loss to North Carolina with a win over Virginia Tech | Having Dino Gaudio as an assistant | Dwayne Sutton’s dog attitude | Dwayne only cares about winning | Not being his best during his halftime interview with Allison Williams | Apologizing to Allison | Upcoming tough games | Taco Bell game |

Feb 5th 2019

CBS Sports Network Interview Highlight


Nov 29th 2018

All Topics: 1st season at Louisville | Marquette loss last week | Bouncing back with a big win over Michigan State | Louisville fans | Developing relationships with players who didn’t choose to play for him | Trust | Learning about the program | The White Shadow