Chris Mannix

SI writer talks 2020-21 season, All-Star game, and more.

Jim Rome
May 03, 2021 - 10:30 am
Chris Mannix



Info & Stats: SI NBA/Boxing Writer and DAZN analyst 

All Topics: The Lakers are struggling bad right now | LeBron James is not happy with the new play-in playoff format | Canelo Alvarez vs. Billy Joe Saunders | Felix Verdejo story | Verdejo story has shades of Rae Carruth’s | Jake and Logan Paul | Thinks Jake Paul could beat 90 percent of MMA fighters in boxing

May 3rd 2021

Feb 10th 2021

All Topics: Being able to go to a live game recently | NBA players upset about All-Star game taking place | The NBA and NBAPA agreed on an All-Star game | LeBron’s decision to play in the All-Star game will be huge | The Utah Jazz’s fast start | Jazz have all the pieces to be a threat | Brooklyn Nets don’t play defense | Nets have to be active on the buyout market | Jayson Tatum conversation | Tatum’s talent  


Nov 23rd 2020

All Topics: Frantic pace to start NBA free agency | Players and agents knew money wasn’t going to be around long in free agency | Los Angeles Lakers and Dwight Howard miscommunication | Howard’s tweet on staying with Lakers before deleting it and signing with Philly | Charlotte signing Gordon Hayward to a four-year, $128 million contract | Golden State Warriors | Klay Thompson injury | Bob Arum | Errol Spence vs. Terence Crawford

Oct 12th 2020

All Topics: 2020 NBA Finals | Miami winning Game 5 on Friday night vs. Lakers | LeBron James’ decision to come to LA | LeBron as a leader | Ranking LeBron’s titles | Where does Miami go from here | New season start date 


July 23rd 2020

All Topics: In the Orlando bubble right now | 7 day quarantine to start bubble visit | Getting a look at skinny Melo in person | Blazers missing a lot of players | Nobody wants to play the Blazers if they make the playoffs | Vicotor Oladipo concerns over playing | Kemba Walker’s injury | Games without fans being played is weird | Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr. fight | Not sure where the money is coming from for the Tyson vs. Jones Jr. fight | Vergil Ortiz Jr.


June 4th 2020

All Topics: NBA’s plan for resuming 2019-20 season | NBA planning to play their season in Orlando | Challenges the NBA faces | The NBA Finals starting in October now | Next season’s start time | Possible soft tissue injuries | Shawn Kemp gaining about 40 pounds in 1999 | Players staying in shape now | Athletes speaking out |


Feb 25th 2020

All Topics: Kobe and Gigi Bryant’s Celebration of Life was well done | Kobe’s impact on the NBA and the Lakers | Kobe’s impact on the international game | Wilder vs. Fury 2 reaction | The way Tyson Fury dominated Deontay Wilder was shocking to him | Tyson Fury had some serious mental health issues | Wilder’s excuses | Wilder on his costume | Mark Breland throwing the towel in for Wilder | Wilder’s trainer Jay Deas not throwing the towel


Dec 5th 2019

All Topics: Ruiz vs. Joshua 2 this Saturday | In his hotel room in Saudi Arabia | Saudi Arabia posted over $50 million for this fight | Saudi Arabia built a stadium just for this fight | Ruiz vs. Joshua 1 | Thought Joshua would have steam rolled Ruiz in the first fight | Having a sitdown with Joshua | Joshua having to deal with losing to a “fat” guy | Joshua’s presence on social media is big | Andy Ruiz | Ruiz’s life now | Ruiz handling success | James Harden


June 17th 2019

All Topics: Anthony Davis traded to the Los Angeles Lakers | Pelicans got a lot for Davis | LeBron and Davis playing | LeBron, Kyle Kuzma, and Anthony Davis | Lakers putting together a roster around James, Kuzma, and AD | Houston Rockets | Internal issues with the Rockets | Rich Paul’s role in AD leaving New Orleans | State of the Boston Celtics | Kyrie probably leaving Boston | Toronto Raptors | Golden State Warriors | Thinks KD is still gone | Draymond Green


June 3rd 2019

All Topics: Andy Ruiz Jr. vs. Anthony Joshua fight | Ruiz’s reputation before the fight | Ruiz was a good prospect | Ruiz’s performance vs. Joshua | Joshua dropping Ruiz in the 3rd | Joshua’s chin | Ruiz dropping Joshua in the 3rd | Big loss for boxing? | NBA Finals | Game 3 | DeMarcus Cousins | Cousins’ defense | Draymond Green taking on Pascal Siakam | Green’s game |


May 21st 2019

All Topics: His schedule right now | Deontay Wilder vs. Anthony Joshua | Explains how big Wilder vs. Joshua fight would be | DAZN and Showtime business models make the Wilder vs. Joshua fight difficult | NBA Playoffs | Warriors without Kevin Durant | Draymond Green’s play | Milwaukee vs. Toronto, Game 4 tonight | Kawhi’s health | Magic Johnson taking a blow torch to the Lakers organization | A big Frank Vogel guy | Rob Pelinka and Vogel need to be supportive



April 24th 2019

All Topics: Damian Lillard game-series winner | Paul George on Lillard’s bad shot | Russ Westbrook | Westbrook needs some soul searching | Paul George’s decision to sign long term with OKC | Portland’s rebuild | CJ McCollum | Milwaukee vs. Boston rematch | Mike Budenholzer | Blake Griffin’s health | Brook Lopez’s impact on Bucks | Celtics are evolving weekly | Kyrie Irving | Philly vs. Toronto | Ben Simmons is not likeable | Lakers-GM opening | Adam Silver conversation


Mar 5th 2019

All Topics: Quality of life | 2018-19 Boston Celtics not being able to play together | Celtics players not understanding the sacrifice it takes to make this team better | Kyrie Irving has struggled to be a leader | Bottom falling out for the Lakers | Lakers building around LBJ differently than his other teams | LeBron’s skills | Is it time to shut down James? | 2020 NBA Free Agents | Kawhi Leonard’s free agency |

Feb 6th 2019

All Topics: Tobias Harris to Philly trade | Big swing by 76ers to acquire Harris | Future of Markelle Fultz in Philly | 76ers will be active in the buyout market | Fultz’s market value | Kyrie Irving’s recent comments about free agency has some in Boston nervous | Celtics feel like they are on the same page with Irving | Disappointing season for the Celtics | Anthony Davis not wanting to go to Boston | Explains how the Celtics view Anthony Davis | Offers for Anthony Davis | Jayson Tatum is what the Pelicans want |

Nov 1st 2018

All Topics: Going back to SI | Will re-brand his podcasts and continue to do them | 2018-19 Season | Early observations of NBA Season | Mike Budenholzer is Milwaukee’s Steve Kerr | Toronto Raptors have taken Kawhi Leonard on seamlessly | Eastern Conference number one seed | Boston Celtics | Golden State Warriors are clicking | Houston starting 1-5 | Houston’s offense is a mess | Rick Pitino and the NBA | Derrick Rose’s 50 point game | Rose’s civil rape trial

Sept 17th 2018

All Topics: Gennady Golovkin vs. Canelo Alvarez 2 | Alvarez gets the decision over Golovkin | Alvarez not fading in the middle rounds | Alvarez had to show strong after steroid mess | Alvarez changing it up from the last fight against GGG | Alvarez’s strategy against Floyd Mayweather was God awful | Credit to Alvarez’s team this time | Alvarez’s chin | Alvarez walking through GGG’s punches | GGG’s future | GGG just not having a signature win | Mayweather vs. Pacquiao 2 | Floyd wanting to draw attention away from Oscar De La Hoya’s promotion | Manny Pacquiao vs. Amir Khan possibility

June 8th 2018

All Topics: Bryan Colangelo out in Philly | Markelle Fultz | 2018 NBA Finals, Game 4 | Thinks Golden State finishes tonight | Thinks the Cavs know they are done | LeBron James | LeBron wants to win | LeBron might not even know where he goes | Kevin Durant’s Game 3 | Thinks Golden State’s Kevin Durant’s team | Golden State is in the middle of  their run


May 7th 2018

All Topics: NBA Playoffs | Brad Stevens | The greatness of Stevens | Boston leading Philly 3-0 | Al Horford’s praise of Stevens | Stevens’ out of bounds play designs | Caron Butler saying he’d take Brad Stevens over any player in the NBA | Al Horford | Terry Rozier | Ben Simmons’ struggles vs. Boston | Boxing | GGG vs. Canelo |