Chris Weidman Update

This guy is a next level breed.

Jim Rome
April 28, 2021 - 10:01 am
Chris Weidman

USA Today


Chris Weidman snapped his leg in half like a twig on Saturday night and so far, he’s handling it a lot better than I ever could. Hell, he’s handling it a lot better than I actually am. And it has nothing at all to do with me.

He’s the guy who got his leg splintered and I’m taking it a lot harder than he is. I haven’t been right since I saw that live on Saturday night and this guy is just rolling through life like nothing at all happened. 

He’s been on Instagram posting videos, pics, and comments. And he also posted the x-rays of the injury.

I didn’t think anything would be worse than seeing the injury live, but seeing the x-rays is a very close second. When it comes to stomach-turning nightmare fuel, the x-rays are giving the video of the injury a very good run for its money.  

Forget watching video of the leg snap again, I can’t even look at the x-rays of the aftermath of that Popsicle stick shattering.

But I forced myself to do it for the sake of the show. That’s why they pay me: to look at these pics so that you don’t have to. And you can thank me right now. You’re welcome.

Because holy crap, it’s even worse than I initially thought. The first image is of what appears to be the lower part of his leg, but honestly, I’m not sure, because legs aren’t supposed to bend that way.

Generally speaking, in the ideal world, your lower leg is pretty straight, but this one takes a hard right angle. And it is nasty.

And then you get the post-op x-rays that show a leg with more hardware than a Home Depot. And that’s supposed to be better? That’s supposed to be more encouraging? Because I’m not sure it is.

His leg looks like the result of Hugh Jackman and that kid going to the junkyard in Real Steel.

This is how he describes the surgery: “They put a titanium rod through the tibia. So they go through the knee, and they take the rod and they drill it through the tibia to make it straight and hard. My fibula was broken, as well, but I guess when they put the tibia back together and my leg was straight, the fibula kind of matched back up to where it was broken, and they feel that could heal on its own as long as I’m not putting weight on it and stuff.”

And yet, somehow despite all that, this guy is on Instagram recording videos and thanking everyone involved.

And then he posted an Instagram story about being released from the hospital, getting into a car, going to the airport, taking a private jet home and on the private jet, he’s listening to, wait for it, “I Feel Good” by James Brown.

Are you kidding me? Musical jokes when you’re coming out of a surgery like that and you’re looking at a recovery like the one’s facing. Because as he said in his post with the x-rays: “The primary concern is the bone punctured through my calf and skin when I put my weight on it, making sure the laceration doesn't get infected.”  

Yep, that’s a pretty good concern to have. In fact, when doctors are telling you that the bone punctured through your calf and skin when you stood on it, making sure the laceration doesn’t get infected is a great idea. In fact, that would be the only thing I would be thinking about for the next 12 months.

But not Weidman. Instead, he’s on Instagram, posting a thank you message to Uriah Hall, his opponent from Saturday night.  

“Thank you so much, brotha! This sucks, but I believe something great will come from this. I can’t make sense of this.”

Thank you? For what, checking my kick that shattered my leg? Good looking out, my guy: bros for life!  Again, I know these dudes are a breed apart: they’re just different from the rest of us: but Weidman is making one of the gnarliest injuries ever, seem like one of the best things ever. How the hell is doing this? Is he still in shock from shattering his leg: how the hell is this dude handling something that bad, this well?

 And then he posts one last message to Hall: “Just noticed in the pic you posted for the first time the bone coming out the back of my calf” followed by four emojis

And I have four emojis of my own to post to that: the puke emojis” Because I didn’t notice that in Hall’s pic the first time I looked at it either, but now that I have, , I can’t not see it. And even when I’m not looking at the pic, I’m still seeing it.

We had this whole debate on the show Monday: Brad, a cycling degenerate from the 360 emailed in and said he just can’t get with the sport: and the JTP bum rushed him going all Joaquin on his weeny ass: and I did my best to moderate saying, listen, if that’s the way he feels, that’s the way he feels,; he’s not wrong: I love the sport, but it is violent; and it’s not for everyone. And if you’re not about that life, I get it but I’m here to tell there are even something relating to that life I can’t wrap my head around: namely the Chris Weidman experiencing something as catastrophic as he did yet acting like not only was it not a bad thing, but a great thing: a hilarious thing: and thanking anyone and everyone who had anything to do with it. I just don’t’ get it; I respect and admire the hell out of it:  and I want to understand in the worst possible play: I’m just not sure I ever will. Except to say it takes a different breed of cat to even step in that cage in the first. And a next level breed of cat to handle what happened to Weidman the way he’s handling it.