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Clemson v Bama Part IV

The matchup that we all saw coming in August is the match-up we finally get in January.

January 07, 2019 - 10:56 am

If this weekend wasn't enough good football for you, tonight we get Clemson v Bama Part IV. And the matchup that we all saw coming in August is the match-up we finally get in January. 

And let me say a couple words to the people who are hating on this game.  CHILD PLEASE.

Let me tell you about something I could not care less about. The "Get In Price" to a football game. If you're hating on the College Football Playoff Championship because tickets to a game aren't a thousand dollars a head, then you're a loser. If you're claiming people don't want to see this matchup because two fan bases roughly 3 connecting flights and a jillion dollars away couldn't swing their second playoff game in as many weeks, then you're trying waaay too hard to be a D-Bag. 

These are the two best programs in college football by a mile. The last two times they went head-up for the crystal the games were epic. And if you don't want to see that, that's a YOU thing, not a college football playoff thing. 

And if you're not into Part IV of this rivalry, I hate to tell you this, but you sure as hell aren't going to like Part 5 and 6, which are coming next year and the year after that, because neither of these programs are going anywhere. 

This is Dabo v Nick, the two best coaches in the college game. This is Tua v Trevor Lawrence, two guys who might already be penciled in as Round 1, Pick 1 of their respective draft classes. 

This is a Bama roster absolutely jammed full of NFL talent going up against a Clemson roster just as stocked. The Nicktator gets his chance to run down Bear Bryant, but has to go through the Dabo to get there. 

Last week, Dabo came on with me and I asked him about the challenge of stopping Bama and their All-American quarterback.

Look, as bad ass as Bama has looked, they're beatable. Georgia had them dead to rights until they puked on their shoes. And even without Dexter Lawrence plugging the middle of Clemson's D-line, they've got enough guys to fight that battle in the trenches. 

But I just can't pick against Bama. 

Not with Tua having already ripped a title game the way he did last year. Not with the weapons they have on the outside and the stable of runners they can keep throwing at you. Not the way they get after the quarterback. 

But Trevor Lawrence isn't your average freshman. We saw that when he took over the starting job and starting putting teams in the wood chipper. We watched him shred Notre Dame's secondary with absolutely lethal efficiency. 

But Bama's D is a helluva lot different than the Domers. 

Look, there's a way Clemson gets this done. They jump on the Tide early. They get after Tua, who still isn't 100% with that high ankle sprain. They force a turnover or two. Their playmakers do the things they've done against everybody. It wouldn't surprise me. 

But I just can't go against Bama. I think this is going to be another great game. I think this is quickly becoming the greatest rivalry in college football. But I think the Nicktator gets himself Natty Number 7. 

And maybe he even cracks a smile.