Clip Of Someone In Washington

We are aware, thanks.

Jim Rome
November 19, 2019 - 11:01 am
Garnet Hathaway

USA Today


Yes, I’m aware of the clip involving someone in Washington doing something highly regrettable. Just because I haven’t talked about it yet does not mean I’m not aware of it and certainly doesn’t mean I need you to let me know about it.

I know about it. I’ve told you all a million times; if I always do what you want me to do, soon, I’ll be one of you! Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but I prefer to keep this show. Then again, what are they going to do, rip my show from talking about what everyone else is already talking about? Ammirite right clones! Ok. I’ll give ya what you want. I’ll get into that dirty, disgusting, vile clip. But if I’m going to talk about the clip, sure as hell better play the clip: are you third graders ready for your dream clip and subsequent rant. Here it is! 

Yeah. Because I was really going to talk about that OTHER clip. Sure I wasn’t GROSSY O’DONNELL! There’s hockey fights and then there’s that complete free for all: The fight had started and the game was still going and Washington scored while guys were pairing off.

Helmets were hitting the ice. Bodies were hitting the ice. And fists were hitting faces.

And right in the middle of it was Caps forward Garnet Hathaway. If there was a face to be punched, he was punching it.

That’s all fine. That’s all cool.

We can have the discussion about whether fighting still has a place in the game, but nobody would really argue that lines were crossed there. They were crossed, backed over, and then crossed again in the most disgusting way possible.

Because as the refs started to break it up, Hathaway is still tangled with one Ducks player and a ref, while grabbing another Ducks player, Erik Gudbranson.

Gudbranson gets his right hand free and lands a jab to Hathaway’s face. As you can imagine, Hathaway doesn’t like that. And he responds by…wait for it….


That’s right. Spitting. And that ball of saliva, phlegm, and grossness was so large, it’s visible on camera. That thing had a body and a tail on it. He hocked a spit comet on Gudbranson.

Hathaway was given a five minute match penalty and game misconduct for that. And that isn’t nearly enough.  That punishment doesn’t fit that crime because that’s as disgusting a thing as you will ever see.

As Gudbranson said: "That's about as low as you dig a pit, really. It's a bad thing to do. It's something you just don't do in a game, and he did it."

Oh, he did it all right. He did it and I saw it. And I agree, that’s a bad thing to do. One of the worst in fact. Again, we can debate whether fighting still has a place in hockey. But there’s no debate about spitting on someone. That’s got no place, in hockey, in sports, or in life. 

As fellow Duck Derek Grant said: “At the end of the day, it’s probably the least respectful thing you can ever do to somebody.”  Exactly. Which is why it has always been near or at the top of our short list of reasons to go: for that reason: quote, its’ the least respectful thing you can ever do to somebody. 

So how do you explain yourself after that? How do you explain spitting on someone in a game? Here’s Hathaway to give it a try.

There is a ton to unpack there, including the fact that he closes it with “It was a quick reaction, and unfortunately the wrong one for me after a sucker punch.” He came that close to owning it, before he attempted to justify it at the end with “after a sucker punch.”

Look, I’m not going to lie. Nobody wants to be sucker punched. But there is no way to justify hocking a loogey on someone. I don’t care if Gudbranson brought a folding chair onto the ice and broke it over your back, there’s no way that spitting is justified.

So not only is it on the list of reasons to go, it is on the list of things you do not do. Ever.

Check out this incredible quote: “Unfortunately, spit came out of my mouth after I got suckered punched.”

Sergio Garcia just letting it go didn’t want any of that. Unfortunately spit came out of my mouth after I got sucker punched. 

Wow…The passive voice is doing a hell of a lot of work. Spit came out of my mouth – are you serious with that? No, spit didn’t come out of your mouth, you spit on a guy. You did the foulest thing that can be done in sports. And in life. 

There is a line and you do not cross it, no matter what.

As Ducks coach Dallas Eakins said: "These games can get physical, and they can get nasty. These guys will throw down, drop their gloves. That stuff goes on in the game, but what I saw there I haven't seen; I think I’ve been in pro hockey 30 years, maybe, and I’ve never seen that before. It's just something you don't see in the game."

There will be a suspension coming. There better be.

And just like with Myles Garrett, I don’t know exactly what the appropriate punishment for that crime is. And honestly, I’m not sure what’s worse – if it weren’t for the risk of head trauma, I might say that I’d prefer to be hit with my own helmet than drenched with someone else’s spit. Seriously. Spitting on someone is that bad. It’s awful. It’s worse than Brad Marchand and the licking.

For some reason, the league didn’t suspend Marchand for licking. They better suspend Hathaway for spitting. And I can’t believe I have to say either of those sentences. I can’t believe I’m talking about licking opponents and spitting on opponents on this show.